Palampur Express 8th July 09 – Short Written Update

Doctor tells Siddhu they have to do operation on his mom and it will cost 3 lakh. Pavni tells to do the operation and not to worry about the money because the money will come somehow. The rest of the boys come and Pavni goes. Tej is at hospital seeing all this and calls his dad.

Pavni tell her dad about accident and asks to use the fund money for operation – the dad doesn\’t want to but Pavni convinces him. The dad gives Pavni the money.

At hospital, Siddhu is crying that he will never get the money and Tej tells him that he will give him the money. Tej tells him that his friends are useless for the money and tells Siddhu must have strength.

Pavni and dad come to hospital saying that money is ready. The police come and ask prinicipal where the money is from and how he got the money. The police are arresting him for taking money from school fund. Dadi and Bua come and Dadi slaps Pavni saying that she ruined her father as well as herself. the police are about to take principal away when MLA comes. MLA says he respects principal and that MLA will give the money and the police go away.

MLA and Tej give Siddhu the money. They tell him more money will be required and that Siddhu will have to do favor for them now. They talk in silence (prob rigging the race) and leave from there. Siddhu follows and tells Tej that he doesn\’t want the money and refuses to be bought by money. (yay!) Siddu says he will never betray his team.

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