CID & CID Special Bureau 10th July 09 – Written Update

Hello everyone! how are you all? I am glad to know that we\’ve got a special episode this week

Note : I will be using some abbrevations such as ACP for ACP Pradyuman and Abhi for Abhijeet
Since it is a long episode, I will try to be as brief as possible.And without any delay, lets see what this week\’s episode has for us today

Paheli Laash Ke Tukdon Ki

Daya gives Introduction

He talks about the episode which was about a couple, who brought a new apartment because it was less expensive. Later, when the couple decided to decorate their house by framing photos, they found out a human skill ( I hope you guys remember that episode). In this episode, we will see a woman who wants to buy a resort and how she gets to know about one of such. Daya says that we should have guts to watch this episode

Camera shifts to a woman and bunch of men ( probably workers along with the owner and manager) who guides woman because she is interested in buying the resort. As they walk around, and partner \’s owner says that it is a very resort. But woman seems like she isnt here to buy hotel but to find something else. She tells them that she wants to talk to the owner of this resort but the manager and the partner gives a excuse saying that she sold them the resort and is now residing in England. She sees a bunch of fallen leaves and says that this place isnt clean and all. She finds a human body\’s leg and gets scared. Once again manager and the partner make an excuse saying that they dont know anything about this.

Back to CID bureau, Freddie ( looks special today) goes around and asks everyone that today there is something special. Daya, Tasha, and Vivek shrug off and say that there is nothing special. Freddie says to himself that today is his birthday and nobody remembers that ( AWW..). All of a sudden, lights go off and then we see all the cid officers expect ACP waiting for Freddie to cut the cake Daya says how can they forget his birthday. Freddie is happily and cuts the cake. Phone rings. Daya answers the call and later informs Abhi that they have found a human leg near the resort.

All CID officers reach the resort. The woman says that the partner and manager must say killed Chanda Devi ( who happens to be the owner of that resort). But the manager and the owner\’s partner say that she is in England. Daya calls her and find out that she is safe. He informs ACP that she is alive and safe. ACP and Daya examine the body\’s leg which seems like it is a girl\’s leg. ACP orders Daya to send this leg to Salunke. Some guy (a far away) is listening to their\’s conversation.

Back to forensic lab. Salunke says that its diffcult to confirm whether the girl is still alive or not. But ACP says that she must have died for sure. Otherwise, who will just leave the leg just like that on leaves. Salunke shows some marks on the leg ( tied with a rope). Tarika says that way the person tied the rope seems like she must have died due to lack of blood circulation. Anyways, she takes a tiny thread of that rope and examines it on mircoscope and says that the thread contains grease and marble powder. Salunke tells ACP that the body must have been near marble store. ACP gets a call from Abhi.

Abhi reaches some lake where a fishermen shows a human hand caught in his web along with fishes. We see that guy again (with black suit) and trying to know more about it by listening far away. Abhi suspects him but the guy denies and says he wanted to know just like that. Abhi tells Vivek to send it to forensic lab. ACP asks salunke whether this hand belongs to the same girl. Salunke says yes because the DNA matches. They once again find same marks on the hand and later, find out that the girl must have been near some garage because they found some diesel, and grease.

Camera then shifts to some road where rain falls heavily. A guy closes his tea shop since its raining. Both men hear a car\’s voice. Car stops and some guy takes out some bag and throws near the bushes and leaves. Later, both men go towards the bushes to find out whats in the bag. They see a hand hanging out. They yell and run away from there. CID reaches there and they tell the whole story about the guy and the bag. An older man informs Abhi that car seems like its some doctors. CID finds the other parts of the body with face being smashed completely ( sorry for being more visual)

Back to forensic lab where salunke tells Daya that face cannot be remade because the whole body is broken apart. And the girl didnt had anything before she died. Tarika shows the bag and says that the bag is from Thailand and this one also contains grease on it. Daya receives a call from Abhi saying that he found the car and the owner as well. The old man identifies the guy. But guy denies the fact that he knows nothing about the body. Abhi, Vivek, and the old man (who witnessed the guy who threw the bag) visit the doctor\’s house. The couple tell that they gave a lift to a guy (who was completely covered) had a bag with them. But when he got off from the car, he left the bag inside. Then this guy threw the bag near the bushes. Abhi and vivek search the car for any footprints. Vivek finds a footfrint and some grease on the back seat. Then the guy who wore black suit (who is in the car) watches them. Both of them run towards him but the guy leaves. Later, Abhi and vivek ( along with the girl\’s clothes) go to some shop to find out the who brought the clothes. The guy in the shop says that it was taken as a sample but she never returned. She is from pink beary company and the owner of the comany is Laksh.

Both of the officers reach to some party where they find the guy who wore black suit ( gosh! he is everywhere! why doesnt CID arrest him or something?). He denies once again and says he is from bride\’s side. Its an engagement party. Abhi asks people about the clothes. Some girl in the crowd identifies the clothes and informs that the girl who got these clothes is malvika who used to work in that company. When she was about to get married, she run away from the house because she didnt want to get married to that guy. Another girl in the crowd says that she is malvika\’s sister. Abhi tells her to come to the bureau along with her parents. Back to bureau, malvika\’s sister consoles her father who cries after knowing that her daughter malvika died. Her father tells that malvika is his first wife\’s daughter. And when he got married again, she didnt like him and stayed here itself while he stayed in kolkata. He also says that she used to call him twice a year and twice she talked about heera. Freddie informs that there is garage in the place. ACP tells vivek malika\’s sister and father to leave. An worker called bhiruju who hasnt work for work for two days. On last day, he got a call and said that he will be there within 10mins. Tasha says that she tried to call him but he didnt answer. ACP tells Tasha to bring the map and they analyze. ACP tells Abhi and Freddie to find out any marble factory is situated within that area.

Abhi and Vivek reach some factory which is nearby. The owner of the factory tells them that there is house where nobody stays. Both of the leave and reach that house to find some clues by spraying limnolist ( sorry didnt get that right). Vivek and Abhi spray everywhere in the house. Vivek finds some blood stains on the floor. He also finds a bag which looks the same as the bag in which they found the body parts. Abhi tells vivek to find out more about the person(malvika) who wrote the letter from handwriting specialist. Back to bureau, where ACP, Abhi and Tasha look at some pictures and find out that there is some guy ( the guy who wore black suit) who is in every picture. Viveks informs ACP and Abhi that it was malvika who wrote that letter. Freddie informs ACP that the house which is behind the factory is dheeraj\’s. And that bungalow later will be given to malvika\’s and reema( malvika \’s sister).

CID reaches reema\’s house where find they out there is nothing between malvika and reema. She says that Aman left to Thailand last month. She also says that reema wanted to design the house so she called interior designers from varli. Tasha informs Daya about the interior designers from which one guy called Purnendu knows about malvika. Tasha tells Daya that she tried to contact him but he didnt answer her calls. CID reaches Purnendu\’s house where they find him stabbed with knife. He tries to tell something to CID but dies. Abhi finds some blood on the phone. Daya redials to who where the murderer called. Purnendu\’s wife comes house and is shocked to her husband. Vivek finds someone hiding behind the curtain. He tries to catch him and Daya also helps him out. He says that he is not responsible for his death but he did hide behind the curtains and didnt try to save him because he himself was afraid. He says that the murderer made call and said something about some park. He also says that he used to like malvika and when she rejected to marry, he wanted to know the reason. Back to bureau where CID interrogates the guy but they find nothing about more about malvika. Freddie informs Abhi that the fingerprints found on the phone are not this guy\’s. The guy seem to relief. Daya tells everyone that they should go to pink berry creations because this is very the murderer called from purnendu\’s house.

CID reaches the pink berry creations where they find out that the owner, heera left somewhere without the driver. When CID asks more about heera from the driver who says that she was saying about some place ( sorry didnt catch that name). CID leaves. Camera then shifts to some tall guy (who wore yellow shirt) and heera in car. The guy takes heera inside the forest to kill her but she manages to escape. Then she finds Laksh who again tries to kill heera but CID reaches there. He confesses that he killed malvika because he loves heera. ACP says that he killed two people and he will be punished.

********* THE END*****

Hope y\’ all enjoyed

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