Jamai Raja 1st May 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Raj slapping Sid for divorcing Roshni and asking him to get out of his sight. Sid goes to his room, picks Roshni’s dupatta and cries vigorously holding it. Tum hi ho ab tum hi ho……song plays in the background. Biji sees him crying and starts crying.

DD comes back to her home and sees Simran packing bags and says she is not cunning like her and if she leaves any item will send her to her home. She asks Mona to clean the house with ganga jal after Simran’s negative soul leaves. Simran and ugly kritika get irked hearing that.

Sid comes down with his bags. Biji asks if he has become so big that he is taking decisions alone and is not considering her opinion. He says decisions once taken cannot be taken back. He walks out with ugly kritika and dumb Simran. Biji apologizes DD and Roshni. Raj says Roshni that he cannot bless her as his own took her roshni/light and asks to forgive him. DD says he does not have to apologize them as she knows who is wrong. She thanks them for taking care of her daughter. They both leave. DD takes gangajal pot and gets in.

Sid comes back to pick his keys. DD asks why did he do this and says she thought he is a jamai which every saas desires, but he proved her wrong. She was even ready to forgive his mother as Roshni loves him. He says as always she identified him right and says she knows by now that he can do anything for his family. He drops key purposefully, touches his feet, walks towards door, turns back and looks at Roshni with teary eyes and leaves. DD asks Roshni to let him go as he must be having some reason.

Sid comes back to his home. He gets calls repeatedly and switches off mobile. Bin tere o sajan…..song.. plays in the background. He holds Roshni’s dupatta and thinks he become good son and jamai, but a helpless and lost husband. He apologizes Roshni and prays for her happiness.

Precap: Biji calls Roshni and says Sid is missing since morning. Inspector comes and tells Sid’s car met with an accident and nobody is saved. Roshni hears it over phone and panics.

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