Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ved saying Sandhya that he will go in old school now. Sandhya says she knows his fears and asks him to understand problems come in life, if they let them follow them, it will scare them more. She says they have to get rid of fear by being strong, he lied to hide a small thing, now say truth and face it. Sooraj looks on. She says she will come to his school. Sooraj thinks she said it right.

Meenakshi tells Bhabho that she came to know Bulbul loves Vansh a lot, why will she leave him here, and she will not hurt her parents for others. Meenakshi tells her idea to her. (Muted) Bhabho says Ankur will kick her out of the house. Meenakshi says he can t kick her out. Bhabho says fine, do this if you want, I just want my Vansh, do it carefully.

Sandhya brings Ved to school. Ved says he will face his fear with strength. Sandhya says best of luck, I know its tough, but my son has ability to fight all tests, I m with you, don t be scared. The kids see him and laugh calling him a liar. Ved tells them about his dad, and Sandhya records it. Ved praises Sooraj to be a honest and respectable man. He says he will become like his dad, his dad is a halwai and says about his shop Rathi sweetshop, he is proud of him, he is world s best dad. She cries.

Sooraj comes to Sooraj hotel and looks at him. The manager meets him and asks why is he here, madam cleared all the bills. Sooraj says he left something and came to take it. Bulbul does not keep maid and old maid asks her to hire her. Its Meenakshi, hiding her face. Bulbul says she can t keep any stranger like this. Meenakshi requests her for the job as she needs it badly. She says she has a small baby and wants money, and asks her to have pity. Bulbul says fine, I will talk to dad.

Bulbul asks her to bring her documents next time. Meenakshi says I don t have anything, I will come on time and not give reason to complaint. Bulbul says show me your face, I will take your pic. Meenakshi says she can t show her face, and says she has sworn that she will not show her face to anyone, till her husband comes back. Bulbul says fine, go.

Meenakshi pays the money to the old maid and argues with her. Meenakshi says she did recording of their talk and will show Bulbul. She thinks she got inside Ankur s home.

Rest comming soon.

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