Swaragini 1st May 2015 Written Episode

Swara leaves after scolding Lucky. Lucky s friend says that he did not scold her back as he loves her. Lucky slaps him. Friend continues repeating. Lucky stops. Friend says if Swara looks back, it means she loves him. She turns back while walking with her bicycle. Friend says she loves Lucky. Lucky starts hitting him again.

Daadi asks pandit why did he lie that there is no other option when Acharya ji to there is an option. Pandit says Acharya is more educated than him, so he got an option. Daadi yells at him and leaves. An obese man comes and thanks panditji for lying. Daadi walks tensed and slips, but Swara holds her. Daadi pushes her hand back seeing her. Swara says her plans are backfiring her and she is slipping. She tells dadi that whatever she tries, she cannot deny their relationship as god made it. Daadi asks her not to teach her as she knows everything. Swara asks her to accept Shekhar and Sumi s relationship them. Daadi says she will not let this abshagun happen and sprinkles ganga jal on herself for touching Swara.

Laksh reaches home and sees whole family waiting for him. Swara calls him and asks to tell mantra. He says he will call later and cuts call. Annapurna gets happy seeing him. Maheshwari says he came too late and says he is happy that he came back. Laksh imagines Swara who asks him to touch his dad s feet and return back home. Annapurna thinks Laksh did good apologizing Maheshwari. Maheshwari welcomes him back home. Annapurna says she is happy seeing him back. He says he can do anything for her happiness. Annapurna asks him to apologize his aunt for his misbehavior in the morning. He apologizes aunt and she forgives him.

Shekhar sees Sumi doing tulsi pooja and asks why is she doing it. She says she is doing it for kaaki/daadi. He says they will get married in some days, so she should call her mamma. Ragini hears that and smiles and starts pooja with Sumi. Daadi sees that and gets irked.

Laksh thinks Swara is making him mad, so he will call her. He calls Ragini instead. Ragini gets happy and tries to pick, but Laksh cuts it. She calls him and asks why did he call her. He says he wanted to call Swara, but called her by mistake. She says Swara is on terrace. He cuts call saying he will call her later. Ragini gets suspicious. Laksh sister takes him for dinner.

Daadi sprinkles ganga jal in whole house. Daada asks howmany times she will sprinkle ganga jal. She says she is tensed that Sumi will become their bahu. Daad asks what she has planned. She says she has a master plan.

Laksh sits for dinner with family. Sister says Annapurna prepared his favorite food. Swara on the other side tells Ragini that she wants to call Laksh and know the mantras. She calls him, but he cuts call. Sumi asks Swara what happened. Swara says Laksh is cutting call as maybe he is talking to Acharya ji. Dida asks where is Parvati/daadi. Sumi says she is preparing havan on terrace. Daadi prepares havan and plants gas lighter bomb inside it. She then smirks thinking with acharya ji s plan in this havan, her problems will be burnt completely.

Precap: Swara asks Ragini to help her against Daadi. Ragini says she will not. Swara calls Laksh and switches on speaker. Laksh tells Ragini that he does not want to marry her as he does not love her.

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