Qubool Hai 1st May 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Shaad s residence
Shashi takes a leap and jumps off the rooftop. people surround her, as she falls flat on her face, blood gushing out, and dead. Shaad is shocked as he views from above. Wazira arrives with her unit, who she asks to inspect the body, while she leaves to check on shaad. She tells him that shashi s face is completely destroyed, and that she is finally dead, and his search is over. He is tensed. She then asks about jannat. he asks her to take the body to the hospital for a full report. He leaves.

Meanwhile, sanam tries to compose aftab, that the doctor is on the way and soon he shall be alright. But he continues to say that he severely misjudged her, and apologises for all that. he also apologises for not having taken care of his wife too, and asks her to be aware of shaad s concern for her, as he has genuinely seen that shaad loves her. he makes her promise that she shall never leave shaad, and she finally complies, completely distraught. he tries to reach out to her, but collapses before that, and sanam is shocked, as he lies dead on the floor. She screams for shaad, but in vain. she looks at the two dead bodies lying on the floor, recounting their cold blooded murder and also misbah s. she breaks down on the floor amidst the dead bodies. Shaad rushes in and is shocked to find sanam in between the dead bodies, dazed and shock struck. he is in terrible grief, as he finds his father dead too. He hugs aftab. she finally speaks up saying that shashi killed everyone, and that now she shall be next to be killed. He rushes to her and composes her saying, that he wont let anything happen to her, while she keeps screaming asking to be saved.

Shaad goes to the hospital to inspect the dead body, while the doctor says that the body is completely scarred and its highly difficult to identify it now. shaad is about to leave, when he sees the hand of the dead body. He sees that it has five fingers intact, meaning that this isnt shashi s dead body. he says that the search isnt over yet, and that he shall continue his search and shall punish her for her deeds.

The doctor meanwhile tells shaad, as sanam sleeps, that she has been under tremendous trauma and stress, having seen so many deaths up close and personal, and that she wont be able to handle any other stress and suggests a change of place, since she was already traumatised and been under severe stress lately. he says that if she leaves, she would forget all this incident. he sits with sanam, and then gets up rethinking the doctor s suggestion, thinking that a person gets the maximum relief in his native place, and hence he shall take jaant to india. Shaad gets two flights of tickets booked immediately for delhi. Sanam finally wakes up and is surprised to hear this.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil s and shaad s residence
The new bride is super excited of her honeymoon trip with ahil, and asks ahil to rush along, as soon they shall be one, and noone shall be able to separate them, not even sanam s memories. She hollers for him, and he comes out. She asks why hasnt he chanbged and where is his luggage. he asks whats the need, as they are going to Paris, and they shall purchase everything there only. She asks him to hurry and change, as she cant wait to go on this exciting trip. he thinks that he shall finally get his due freedom from her. They begin to drive in the car. She thinks that they are starting afresh and after this journey gets over, and destiny shall have to accept her decision. he thinks that she may try to keep him captive, but wont succeed, and after sometime, he shall be free from her, and if god wants, the lord shall unite him with sanam, as she is alive and thatsx the sole reason he still breathes.

meanwhile, sanam is tensed as she sits in the car, thinking that this new journey, shall bring new turns, and she shall accept this decision of destiny. Shaad wonders if he has started for finding jannat s past or to search a new destiny for himself. he thinks that he has left everything on destiny, and he shall accept whatever decision it bears on her.

Shashi meanwhile gets a new avatar and thinks that her next stop shall be india, and those who think that she is dead are mistaken, as she would now flourish with a new identity. in a new avatar, shashi coems to face, with her promise of revenge on people, and that she has cheated death, and now its destiny s turn to accept the fate she lands to it.

Scene 3:
Location: Delhi International Airport
Shaad and sanam arrive from pakistan. A person comes and welcomes shaad, saying that wazira told about his visit, and hence came to greet them. Shaad introduces jannat. The officer apologises for his parents loss. shaad says that martyr s deatrh shouldnt be grieved, rather it should be celebrated. The officer asks if he still believes that shashi is alive. He says that he doesnt feel rather he knows, as shashi is destined to be killed by him. The officer says that this time they wont spare her, as they have introduced international protocols. shaad says that sources told she is in india only. The officer says that she shall not be alive for long. Shaad is however oblivious that shashi, in her new avatr is taking the opposite escalator that very second. The screen freezes on shashi s face.

Precap: Ahil notices an instinctive sanam s presence at the airport, while a veiled sanam stands right ahead of him in line. He is boggled at this sudden feeling. Later, shashi tries to stab the new bride, while she is busy doing her makeup, in the washroom, but she stops when some other lady also enters. it turns out that its sanam, who shashi doesnt recognise, as her face is turned away. Sanam comes and washes her face, while shashi is dressed as an airhostess, pretends to be doing touch up. sanam is oblivious of the double danger she is engulfed in.

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