Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 2nd May 2015 Written Episode

The episode begins with, ramesh asks viraj to shutup and not be jealous of nisha,viraj says u cant change the truth,even I didn t believe it but when I saw the proof,so soon I will show u the proof as well and also one more thing out of the 3, one month is over and I love nisha and cant see her hurt so I came with the proposal, I know I made a mistake and so nisha had to marry kabir but she didn t want to marry and ,ramesh says enough viraj,viraj says I know u are not liking all this but remember I will never let anyone disrespect the gangwals and so see u soon,ramesh says no we wont,nisha is my daughter and I trust her and kabir,viraj says sure u may but after the proof u will know what to do bye.viraj leaves.
Kabir reaches home and its dark he calls nisha, but no answer, kabir walks to kitchen and sees no food, and says happy bday kabir as usual its empty,kabir gets a call from his mom to wish him happy bday,kabir says I am enjoying a lot and we all are partying and we are having lot of fun and I will call u later,kabir is upset,he sees the photo and says wished I had found u but no worries when I will meet u will take all the bday gifts from u and we will have fun,cousins come and surprise kabir,nisha gives him his gift,kabir sees the camera and says wow its unbelievable,I mean u did this all,nisha says who else will do,cousins slowly go away,kabir thanks nisha,nisha says I heard u never cry why these tears,kabir says I was always alone and today see all ,aman comes with cake,dolly calls them to cut cake,kabir says to himself wow these people have always made me happy and now I have to leave them and go in few months.
Sumit goes to warehouse,sourabh is following him,sourabh sees sumit exchanging the jewalleries.dadaji calls kabir and wishes him happy bday,kabir thanks him,dadi wishes him as well,dadi says ur gift is pending ask whatever u wish,kabir says dadi ur blessings is my gift,dolly takes phn and says dadi afterwards its cake time now,kabir cuts the cake,nisha asks him to wish,kabir wishes god plz take care of gangwals when I go away they are very nice people,nisha wishes god plz don t ever separate me n kabir,kabir cuts the cake.
Dadaji asks dadi why is smiling,dadi says I was thinking like nisha even I shd give u a surprise party,dadaji says u have lost it,ramesh comes, dadaji asks him why is he upset,ramesh says just tired,dadaji says ramesh u n me agree on only one thing nishas happiness and u can see it kabir and nisha are so happy,ramesh says I want to meet them,dadaji says they are partying not now,ramesh says to himself I have to talk to them.
Sumit sees someone is hiding,so he switches off the lights,sourabh with torch tries to search sumit,but sumit hides,sourabh says I have to find sumit red handed. Cousins having cake,kabir gives nisha cake and both are lost in themselves,cousins tease them,dolly says if u too have finished we shd begin the celebrations,kabir asks dolly why did u winked at nisha,dolly says its special programme shd we start,kabir says why not,cousins apply kabir cake on his face,nisha says more more plz,kabir says nisha more here u have some,kabir runs behind nisha.
Sourabh is trying to call nisha and kabir but both aren t receiving,mean while sumit pushes him and runs and locks sourabh inside and goes away.kabir applies cake on nishas face,and starts laughing, nisha says nisha it s the right time propose him and says kabir why are u laughing,kabir says bcoz u look joker,bunty throws cake on kabir,suku says kabir u are looking like chimpanzee.
Sourabh tries to escape.kabir comes after changing,jwala says look at jiju so clean,kabir says hello thanku so much for this spcl party,cousins hug him and says happy bday,dolly aman and nisha come,nisha is looking very beautiful,kabir couldnt stop looking at her.

PRECAP:sumit dashes ramesh,ramesh asks sumit why are u so scared and whats in this bag

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