Jamai Raja 4th May 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Raj telling Biji that he is sure Simran made Sid divorce Roshni and says she has seen the world and must have realized that Sid and Roshni loved each other till yesterday and divorced just in 1 day. Sid hears that and comes out. Ugly Kritika shouts at Raj to stop doubting her mom and asks Sid to tell he did not divorce under pressure. Sid says same. Raj tries to slap him. Simran interferes. Sid says he deserves slap and asks Raj to slap him. Raj angrily walks out. Biji sadly tells she does not know what is happening in this house.

Pratima gets food for Roshni. Roshni says 2 days ago, Sid was too good with her and suddenly he divorced her, something must have happened. Pratima nods yes. Roshni says she tried to call Sid many times, but he did not pick her call.

Simran gets worried for Sid as he did not come home even at 12 midnight. Raj comes and asks servant to fix his bed in guest room. Simran asks why is he doing it. Raj says when their thoughts don’t meet why should they share same room. She yells that Sid has not reached home and he is also troubling her. Raj says Sid has grown up and is taking his own decisions and even she is doing same, so they both don’t need him anymore. Simran starts her overacting. Biji asks her to stop. Kritika yells that Sid must have gone to meet his ex-wife. Biji says it is good if he has gone there. Ugly and dumb Simran get angry hearing that. Biji scolds her to keep quiet and calls Roshni. Roshni says he did not come there. Inspector comes just then and says Sid’s car met with accident and nobody is saved. Biji runs to pray god. Roshni rushes there, but Simran starts her ugly shouts on her that she is behind her son even now. Biji asks her to stop her ugly voice. Inspector comes back and says nobody is saved. Raj says he wants to go to the spot. Inspector says his team is clearing the spot and he cannot till now. Roshni runs to the temple.

Inspector comes back in the morning and tells that he got info that a man escaped but his condition is critical. Biji says it must be Sid and rushes out towards hospital. They see Sid getting out of auto. Roshni runs and hugs him and asks why did not he inform and go. Lady ape Simran and ugly kritika get irked seeing that. Roshni asks what happened to his car and ugly asks who was with him in auto. He says his friend dropped him home and left. Roshni asks how did his car accident happened. He says another rash driving car hit his car and it was a mild accident, his friend was nearby and picked him up. Raj scolds him for not informing. Biji asks Sid to get in and have turmeric milk. Roshni says she will leave now. Raj says he will drop her via car. She says she will manage, touches his, Simran and Biji’s feet and leaves crying.

DD is tensed at home and yells that Roshni always does not inform and go and apart from that Sid troubles them. Roshni comes back and asks her to stop badmouthing Sid. Biji comes and says heart’s relationships cannot be broken so easily. She asks DD if she does not want Roshni and Sid reunite and apologizes her. DD asks her not to apologize and says she can meet Roshni whenever she likes. Biji tells Roshni she will be her bahu always and takes her to room. She asks why she wants to spend her life inside room with Sid’s memories and says even Sid is doing same, what is happening between them. Roshni says she knows Sid is not happy, but he took this decision and does not even want to speak. He even today did not speak to her, may be he lost his feelings for her. Biji say sit is time to take situation in her hands, says she has made a plan and asks Roshni if she is with her or not. Roshni shakes hands and says she is with her and says she can do anything to get her Sid back. Biji says ok and explains her plan.

Precap: Biji tells Simran that she needs a caretaker. Roshni tells DD that she wants to do a job and has found one. DD happily wishes her all the best.

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