Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 4th May 2015 Written Episode

The episode begins with, jwala says wow nishu bro u are looking awesome lets have a pic,kabir says its my bday so I shd be in photo,dolly wispers to nisha,nisha look he isn t be able to take eyes off u and see he loves u so much,nisha says u go then,dolly says cousins lets go for night walk,cousins leave,kabir walks to nisha and says 7 out of 10,nisha says what,kabir says rating,nisha says have u seen urself not even 2,kabir says oh really,kabir walks close to nisha and releases her tied hair,and says now its 10 on 10.
Sumit comes to gangwal house with the bag,leela says thank god u are here,sumit says sourabh had come to warehouse but I managed,leela says good,vimla sees them and asks what are u doing here sumit why didn t u go to party,sumit says I will,vimla says give the bag and go now,sumit says no its fine I will freshen up and go,sumit leaves and dashes to ramesh.ramesh asks sumit why are u so scared,sumit says nothing actually have to go to nishas place so was in rush,ramesh asks whats in this bag,sumit says moms stuff,leela comes and says oh sumit u got my stuff good let me take it,ramesh says sumit I will come with u,sumit says ok sure let me get the gift,ramesh is thinking abt the contract.
ramesh and sumit abt to leave,virendra stops them,and says I had some work, actually prakash is here will u drop me,ramesh says I am busy little,sumit says I can drop u,virendra says ramesh actually I don t trust sumits driving plz drop me,ramesh says ok ok I will,virendra says sumit u go ramesh will drop me,sumit leaves,virendra asks ramesh why is he upset,ramesh says no just tired.
Dolly asks nisha did she propose,nisha says I couldn t,kabir is having fun with cousins,sumit comes to party,jwala asks why are u late,sumit says just busy,sumit wishes kabir,sumit looks at dolly but she ignores him, sumit aks wheres the cake,nisha says where is sourabh,jwala says call him,nisha tries to call but sourabhs phone is switched off,sourabh is trying to get out of ware house.sumit takes dolly to a side and says how dare u ignore me,dolly says plz sumit don t trouble me,sumit holds dollys hand and says dare u talk to me like this,nisha sees this,bunty comes and takes dolly with him,cousins are discussing abt why didn t nisha tell kabir,jwala says god when will nisha say I love u,aman says ya,bunty says I have an idea,and shares it with cousins.
Viraj with sarees and says mom what do u think which color will suit nisha,viraj is having a nishas picture,and says miss nisha mom says u look good in everything,viraj is talking to his moms bracelet,he says mom few days more and nisha will be here with me and I told nishas dad everything abt nisha and kabir and now I am just waiting for the day when nisha will come to me and be mine forever,I thought I had lost nisha but for the first time my fate was with me and nisha will be back to me and so will u be soon be with me and we all will stay together.
Nisha goes to sumit with coffee and drops it on his hand purposely and says oh I am so sorry,jiju is it paining to much, I am so sorry,sumit rushes for ice nisha stops him and says oh look u have a mark on ur hand I have seen the same on someones hand,sumit says what do u mean,nisha says u know what I mean and next time u hurt dolly di u will have to deal with me.
Cousins are playing,sumit leaves,jwala says lets play a game,kabir jiju u stand in middle,suku says so we will play passing the parcel and the one who will be out will have to do something with kabir jiju,game starts, bunty is out,jwala says bunty will dance,kabir and bunty dance together,next is nisha,aman says oh nisha will have to kiss kabir,cousins says oh yes nice cmon nisha kiss him.

PRECAP;kabir is holding nisha in his arms,nisha says plz kabir dont leave me and go I cant live without u, I love u kabir,kabir says I love u too.

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