Meri Aashiqui Tum se Hi 4th May 2015 Written Episode

Shekhar says she never complaint anyone, she changed her identity and didn t come to her family because she didn t want to create problems in their lives. Ishaani asks what he wants to say. He gets clear that she is a woman of intergrity, people can t take up their promises to others and she is fulfilling her promise to herself. She says he saw so much bad in her still he thinks like this. Shekhar reminds her that he is a lawyer, a successful lawyer; people pay him in millions because he can hear the truth behind the lie. He wasn t hearing what she said to RV but what was behind all those words. He never lost a case, he can guarantee she can t even kill an ant. Ishaani is irked. He asks her to clean her sweat. He says his quality is that he makes friends to help them not to take their help. And being her friend, he can t let her go. He keeps her bag back in the wardrobe. Ishaani says he is a good man and so is his family, she is lucky that she can trust them but she is a murderer and she can t put them in trouble. Shekhar stops her, he asks if she trust him. She nods, he says she must then stay here or go where he wants to send her. He tells her that when he met them, he wasn t sure if they would understand her situation but they themselves wanted to take her. Ishaani asks whom is he talking about, he asks to come with her and through upstairs shows Ishaani her family waiting downstairs. Shekhar says if she wants to go, she must go to her family at her home; he has talked to them all and they all want to live with her. Ishaani says this isn t possible. Shekhar says it is possible and it is happening, he will make her meet them.
Ritika wakes up, RV says good morning to her and gives her a red rose. Ritika asks when he got discharge from hospital, he isn t fine yet. RV says he is fine, though his hand bandaged. He says he came for her and brought breakfast for her though but he did these flower arrangements. RV asks what her plan is, as she is pregnant and he is injured so he will bring hindi movies of Sunny Leone… he stops at it. Ritika tries to talk to him about Ishaani but he ignores it and asks her about having a couple massage before movie. Ritika again wants to talk to him about Ishaani, RV shouts that what about her, she was a bad dream and he is happy it broke. He says he isn t sad forgetting her, because when there was love or hatred, he only loved her. He couldn t hate her even when she killed Chiraag, she went to jail, he still couldn t hate her. He left the drawer half opened for eight months, because his feelings are still there. But after hospital, he knows Ishaani is an evil, she used him to get someone else s love. RV says when he came to know that she is alive, all his feelings for her died. He says to Ritika they will celebrate today, the freedom from Ishaani. He says she is alive, but his feelings for her have been murdered and she is dead for him. He will not thank God for this but Ishaani herself. Ritika wants to say something, RV says no one will take the name of Ishaani from now on. He says she must think their first day of marriage started today, kisses her forehead, hugs her and asks if she also has a problem with him being a driver s son. Ritika hugs him, RV cries. Ritika says he is still talking about Ishaani, he couldn t get rid of her in his mind. RV takes her along.
Ishaani comes downstairs with Shekhar, everyone stand up. Chaitali comes to her, she says she has gone so slim. Ishaani looks at them all, Pratik hugs Ishaani saying they missed her so much. Dewarsh comes and says sorry Ishaani, he couldn t fulfil a brother s right to her. Ritesh says he is really happy seeing her, else they felt really bad watching their family members going away from them. Chaitali says she will take care of her as Falguni isn t here. She asks apology for all the wrong they have done to her. Ishaani says she is elder, she must not say sorry. Baa takes a seat worried. Dewarsh asks Ishaani to forget what happened, and come to stay with them. Ritesh says they are a family and family must stay together. Shekhar says he doesn t know and doesn t want to know what happened to her, but everyone makes mistakes and one must forget them to move on in life. Shekhar says when he talked to them all, he didn t feel they consider her a criminal so she must also not think about it. Kanchal says she must not think that how they will live without her, they have learned a new vision of life living with her. Mr. Mehra says she taught a father and a son to live together, no one can forget her. Baa stands up and comes to Ishaani, she says she is the daughter of this family who deserves truly to be called Parekh, she wants to apologize her for what she did and wants to come home so that she can be loved as a granddaughter. Baa says she isn t forcing her, Ishaani must stay where she wants to and whatever she decides, her grandmother is here. Ishaani stands to thank Shekhar for convincing her family to take her home but she wants to stay with her mother. Kanchal stands up, Ishaani says when she brought her home she felt her mother brought her home, she says she wants to stay with you. She says to Shekhar that he is an angel who gave her a new life, she wants to do something in life and not ruin his efforts. She wants to work in NGO and give her life some meaning. Baa holds arms and Ishaani hugs her, she says she must be happy had Ishaani returned but she is proud of her. Krishaa cheers at once that this is fine, Nirupa will stay with us and hugs Dewarsh. Kanchal hugs Ishaani. Shekhar thinks he doesn t know how much pains she suffered with RV, but he only wants her to stay happy here.

PRECAP: RV and Ritika come to Mr and Mrs. Shekhar s anniversary. Ishaani and Shekhar look at each other.

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