Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 4th May 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Neil calling Ragini and asking her to meet at their usual spot. She hesitates, but he insists. She waits for him at their usual spot. He comes and hugs her. Saathiya ye tune kya kiya….song….plays in the background.

Nivedita comes back to engagement venue crying. Pam hugs her and asks what happened. Nivedita says Neil went back to Ragini. Her mom says she will get a better life partner soon. Nivedita hugs Pam again and cries. Pam thinks Neil did not do right.

Ragini asks Neil if he wanted to tell her something. He says he wants to give back her right, their children, love, everything which she deserves. She says it was his engagement, if he broke it. He says it was, but did not do injustice to Nivedita. He told her she can be his wife, but he can never become her husband as he loves only Ragini and will be his whole life. Ragini gets emotional.

Nivedita s mom asks her to come back with her to Kolkota. Pam says Nivedita will not go from here as she promised her to get her married to Neil and will for sure. Mom says she does not want to leave her here, but she can come anytime if she feels to come back. She hugs Nivedita and asks Pam to take care of her. Pam apologizes her from Neil s side and mom leaves with her other daughters. Pam calls Neil, but he avoids her. She thinks till when he will avoid her, he will have to come back home. He agreed to marry Nivedita and now he does not, what is Nivedita s fault that she dreamt about him.

Neil drops Ragini in her locality. He says let us go up. She says people will doubt them. He says he will tell them that she is his…She says ex-wife. He gets silent and then says he will go now as family will ask what is he doing on his engagement day. Once he leaves, her neighbour ladies ask if her boss dropped her. Ragini says her ex-husband and walks from there.

Dimpy, Karan and RK discuss that Pam interferes in Neil s life a lot. Karan says she interferes in everyone s life. RK jokes. Pam hearing that and asks them to stop bitching about her. Dimpy says they are not and are just discussing. Pam shouts that she cares for Neil and will be worried for him, says she never interferes in Karan s life. Neil comes. She starts yelling at him how can he break Nivedita s heart when he knows she loves him. He says he told Nivedita that he loves only Ragini and cannot love her, so will not marry her. Pam continues yer ugly blah blah… Neil says he is feeling relaxed today as he is back after 15 years. She continues her blah blah when he walks into his room from there, leaving her irked.

Agam and Suhani follow Neil and ask what did he and mom speak and if everything is sorted out. He bullies them that they think their mom as superwoman, but not their dad as superman, he is superman. Kids say he is doing masti, that means he met mom and asks him to tell them what happened. RK enters and sends children out. He asks Neil what happened. Neil thanks him for encouraging him to reject Nivedita and express his love for Ragini.

Ragini in her room smiles reminiscing her meeting with Neil. Pam calls her and invites her for dinner with her and says she wants to talk to her a lot and will wait for her.

Ragini goes to a restaurant and meets Pam. Pam asks what she needs. Ragini says she does not need anything. Pam orders Ragini s favorite dishes and tells she does not remember when they had meal together last time. She starts that Neil broke his engagement with Nivedita and she does not know what is happening in his life. She does not know if she knows her brother well and alleges Ragini for breaking Neil and Nivedita s engagement.

Precap: Pam starts her emotional atyachar and requests Ragini to get out of Neil s life for Ranbir, Suhani and Agam s sake and says if she does, even she will stop interfering in their lives.

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