Kumkum Bhagya 5th May 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Pragya recalling Dadi’s words. Abhi tells that he doesn’t want anyone to hurt Dadi and promises to find out the solution. PRagya asks him not to request as she will obey his order. Abhi asks her not to act and says he will free her from their relation. He says I will tell the world that we doesn’t have any husband and wife relation, so that you don’t get into any problem. Pragya says it is good that you said. I was thinking the same thing. Abhi’s fan looks at him and shouts. They ask for his autograph. Abhi’s fan identifies Pragya and says Abhi is lucky to have you as his wife. Fan’s husband says we will become perfect couple like you and asks for Pragya’s autograph. She says you are our idol. Pragya gives the autograph. Pragya is sad and looks at Abhi. She sits in the car and they leave.

Aaliya comes to Bulbul. Bulbul talks to her. Aaliya says she went to temple to pray for her. Bulbul jokes that even God will not believe that you went for me. She says I was just joking. Aaliya says I knows about it and don’t want to talk. Bulbul thinks you will look good if you see me marrying Purab. Aaliya thinks to get Purab away from her. Bulbul thinks Purab is hers and thinks to be careful.

Abhi comes home and asks Dadi to talk to Pragya as she is back home. Dadi, Dasi and others smile. Abhi tells Pragya that Dadi thought that they had a fight and asks Pragya to clear to Dadi that there is no problem between them. Dasi asks Pragya to sit with her and says fight is necessary in every relation to increase love. Akash gets angry with his mum. Abhi asks what happened. Taiji asks him to give answer. She tells Dadi that akash shouted at her when she persuade her to see the pic. Dadi asks her to give time to Akash and do as she says.

Aaliya sees Tanu and rings her car’s horn to call her. Tanu sees her and sits in her car. She tells that she had a migraine so she came for check up. Aaliya says you came to gynaec for migraine check up. Tanu says doctor is her friend. Aaliya says you might be hiding something from me. Tanu wonders about Pragya’s reaction. She says she doesn’t have time as her parents are forcing her to marry. Aaliya asks her to deal with her parents. Tanu thinks Doctor gave less time for her abortion and she has to act fast. Abhi talks to Purab. Purab asks him to say about his conversation with Pragya. Abhi says he has to work on his new album.

Purab insists to know about Pragya’s reply. Abhi recalls Pragya’s words that she doesn’t love her. He gets sad. Abhi thinks he doesn’t have strength to say the truth. He thinks he can’t depressed Purab with his sad story. Purab says you don’t want to say anything to me. Abhi says actually it is a secret and I won’t tell you easily. He asks him to understand as it is personal. Purab says I will ask Pragya di. Abhi says even Pragya won’t tell you anything. Purab says we can enquire about the secret. Purab gets Bulbul’s message. He asks Abhi to tell him about Pragya and leaves.

Akash sees Rachna on the way. She says I thought you have forgetton this place. Akash says I came to talk to you. HE says I can’t control myself from coming here. Rachna says you knows about my answer. Akash says I have changed and says he is being forced to marry someone else by his family. He says he can’t refuse Abhi and Dadi, even after knowing that he can’t live without her. He apologizes. Rachna says you mean nothing to me. Akash says don’t say that. You are mother of my child. It is our love’s child. Rachna says I loved you, but not you. I held myself with much difficulty. I don’t need your sympathy anymore. She asks him to marry wherever he wants to. She refuses to marry him. Akash says my life is related to your decision also. He says you will be responsible now. Rachna gets sad and gets teary eyed. Akash cries.

Abhi is in his room and thinks it is very difficult to handle Pragya. He thinks Purab is asking him questions and thinks to talk to Pragya. Pragya comes to their room. Abhi asks her to handle Purab and Bulbul’s questions. He says he don’t want to answer to their questions. Pragya asks him to stay far from her. Abhi gets closer to her and asks if it does matter to her. He is about to kiss her. Pragya says it doesn’t matter to her. Abhi kisses on her forehead and cheeks asking her to look in his eyes. Pragya refuses. Abhi says it means you are lying and it does matter to you.

Precap: Tanu talks to doctor and says she is ready for abortion. She requests him not to let anyone know about it. Pragya hears her and is shocked.

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