Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj calling Madhuri inside the house. Madhuri says she will do kanyadaan and Soumya can’t believe this. Madhuri says she is glad that she is rectifying her mistake and she will support her now. Suhani tells Pratima that Yuvraaj said it, that he will make everything fine. Soumya and Krishna happily sit in mandap. The pandit asks someone to do ghatbandhan. Soumya asks Suhani to do it, as she wants her Suhani back. Suhani smiles. Krishna says Yuvraj has this right too, as we united because of them. Suhani and Yuvraaj do the ghatbandhan and smile.

Soumya and Krishna get married and everyone clap for them. Krishna promises Madhuri that he will never let her get chance to complain and be a good husband for Soumya. Pratima asks Soumya not to let this second chance go and be happy with him. Soumya hugs Suhani and says don’t know what I did that I got a friend like you, I did so bad with you, you were always good.

Suhani says she did friendship’s duty and brought you on right path, don’t get diverted again, and asks Krishna to keep Soumya happy and not repeat his mistakes. He says he will give her happiness. Suhani hugs him. Yuvraaj takes their pic as they were always against each other. Krishna thanks him for uniting him and Soumya. Krishna hugs him. Pratima gifts Soumya. She hugs her and everyone do her bidaai.

Yuvraaj jokes with Saurabh. They all hug Pratima. Pratima gives all credit to Suhani for giving her hope. Yuvraaj says I did all this, and she took the credit. They all laugh and hug. Rags asks Dadi how can Soumya reject her love and tells Menka that these bangles are not for us, its for Soumya. Rags says I m not taunting you, I will never leave supporting you. She sees Menka trying some jewelry. Dadi says I m fine alone and leaves.

Rags gets angry seeing Menka. Sharad, Anuj and Saurabh come there laughing and taunts Rags, as she lost Dadi’s love, and also the jewelry. Anuj says she looks good in jewelry. She asks really. He takes her pic and says she looks gorgeous. Saurabh says he will get wine for her, she might be angry. Sharad reminds how Dadi punished her last time, and they laugh. Rags asks Menka to realize they are joking on her and leaves. They laugh on Menka and leave.

Suhani gives the news to Lata and Lata says she is really lucky to get Yuvraaj. He comes to Pratima and Suhani, and Suhani tells Lata she will talk later. Pratima brings the bad sight off black thread.

Soumya and Krishna come home and Lalita is shocked seeing him married. He says he has married. Lalita says with whom. Krishna brings Soumya and holds her hand. Murali smiles. Pratima ties the thread and says it will save you from all problems. She says I want you both to trust each other like this. Suhani hugs Pratima and sees Yuvraaj. Lalita holds her head and asks what did he do. Krishna says Soumya was your bahu and will always be, you should accept it. Lalita refuses and says she will leave the house than staying with her.

He says its her wish, but Soumya is his wife and she will stay here. Lalita scolds her and speaks against Soumya. Soumya asks Krishna not to fight, and Lalita to try to mend ways, they can make a new start, as they both love Krishna. Murali says she is right. Rakhi asks what did I do. Krishna sees the rice fallen, and Murali asks Soumya to come inside. Soumya makes the rice box fall by her feet and comes inside. Murali asks Lalita not to fight with her fate and son, else she will lose.

Suhani sits in her room and sees the thread Pratima tied. Yuvraaj comes and sees her. He says he has to show something and shows Menka’s pic. She laughs and asks whats this. He says she is jewelry showroom, now you are back, so she will stick to you. They smile. He asks her to sleep, and says good night. He turns and sleeps. Saware………….plays……………

Its morning, Yuvraaj comes home and asks Sharad where is Dadi, she might be upset, I thought to talk. Sharad says she will be angry, talk later. He says yes, I will talk later. Pratima smiles and he asks what happened. She says Sholay is released again on public demand, I want you to take Suhani. He says she has seen it many times, as you wish. Dadi comes and starts leaving seeing them. He stops her. She says I understood you don’t love me, you cheated me.

He says sorry, I did not wish to hurt you, Soumya and I would have not been happy, our marriage did not have future, she loves Soumya, how can I be with someone I don’t love. She asks whats he doing with Suhani then. He looks on.

Suhani cries and starts leaving. Yuvraaj stops her and holds her hand, asking her not to go. She asks why, do you love me..

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