Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bhalals talking about Subbu. Mrs. Bhalla says he should come infront of Raman, not in his absence. Shagun tells Parmeet that Simmi will be seeing some guy, she is living a single mum life. Parmeet says she will not do this. He gets a call. She thinks now he will create some scene and she will take her kids away. Simmi is at hospital with Ananya and Subbu meets them. He talks to her and asks her to come to restaurant for Ananya s sake, she will be comfortable. They go out and she likes the pastries.

She says she came to know about his family. He says its fate, memories make us weak. She says he said right. Parmeet sees them, being in same café. He recalls Shagun s words. He sees Simmi and Subbu smiling and talking. He gets angry and leaves. Subbu brings Simmi and Ananya home. Ishita says Ananya looks happy. Simmi says she became Subbu s fan and thanks him. Subbu leaves.

Simmi says I think he misses his son and got attached to Ananya. Ishita says he looks happy and she also looks relaxed. Parmeet comes and claps. He passes some taunts and says all punjabis taste got Madrasi, and asks why did she get lift and went to café, does she think she got new father for Ananya. He says he is Ananya s father. Ishita says don t blame her, he is my friend, Simmi does not know him. Mrs. Bhalla scolds him and he shows their pics.

Ishita says our mind is not dirty like yours. He says you feel you are modern, and its just friendship, everyone knows who is wrong. Ishita asks him to go. He asks her to call police, and he will say Simmi s affair, he can t leave his daughter with such woman. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to get lost. Simmi says get out. Parmeet asks him to see her purity, that she is not with her husband and going out with strangers.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita why does Subbu come here, we gave him reason, else Parmeet would have not told this. He says keep Ananya ready, I will take her. Simmi says she will not give Ananya and warns him. She say she is not his wife, he will get court legal docs. Ananya comes and she stops him from going to her. She asks Neelu to take Ananya inside.

She says he did not see her since 6 months and now came to defame her, she will not be afraid, he can do anything, he can t take her daughter. Ishita asks him to go. Parmeet says I m going, I came to say no one can make my daughter away from me, I will take her next time. He leaves. Mrs. Bhalla cries and tells this to Mr. Bhalla. She says what will we tell Ananya, will she be like Adi. Ishita says Simmi showed courage and she is crying here, we want Ananya to be safe, she has everything here.

Mrs. Bhalla says she is thinking about Ananya, what will society say when she does not have father. Ishita says we should not care for society. Mr. Bhalla says its our duty to support out children and keep them happy, Ananya will learn to live without father, I know children needs parents, but when parents are good and give good values. Ishita says we can t leave her with Parmeet. Mrs. Bhalla asks how will we keep her away. She says shall we talk to Sujata, she may help Simmi. He says she is right. Mrs. Bhalla says this all happened because of Subbu. He says he was just helping her, don t care about Parmeet s words. Ishita says what should I do. He asks her not to worry, I know she will get strong in this matter. She says lets hope so and leaves.

She comes in her room and thinks what to do, Raman would have helped if he was here. Raman calls her and talks to her. He asks why is her mood off, what happened, how are kids, did Shagun say anything. She thinks he is taking care of her being far and she can t tell him. She does not tell him about Simmi s matter, and says she is missing him. He asks her to meet doctor tomorrow, go with Romi. She asks him to take care. He says tell kids I love them and he loves her too. She smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein……….plays…………. She says ya sure. He says she is so adamant, does not say I love you.

Rest comming soon.

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