Jodha Akbar 6th May 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Jalal comes to congratulate the girl, he is shocked to see its Jodha, he comes to her and says what you were going to do, he ask priests to stop all this, priest says we didnt know she was being pressurized, he ask all to go out, all leaves, Jalal curtly looks at her and says you promised me that you will not change religion then why you are doing this? Jodha says i was helpless, Jalal says thats what i am telling you its sin to accept islam because of helplessness, why were you doing this Jodha says what else can i do? there was no news about you, Jalal says i wanted to surprise you that i won the war, i tried to make you understand alot that there is no need for all this, i did war for freedom of my nation, it has nothing to do with you being Rajvanshi, Jodha says i thought it wil settle down things, Jalal says you have done wrong, you were in pressure to accept islam, you have committed a crime, you have insulted me, my religion, my order, my promise, he is hurt with her and leaves from there, Jodha is sad.
one dasi strikes with Hoshiyar in palace, he ask where are you going, she says there is one news for Hamida, he ask what is it she tells him, he ask her to get lost now.
Hamida says no such news comes which make me happy, there is no news of Jalal and sons, ruks says i sent soldiers to find about Jalal but they didnt comeback. Hoshiyar comes and says there is one good news, Jalal is coming back to Agra soon, Hamida and all get happy, Hamida ask if everyone is fine? Hoshiyar says they all are fine and they have won war too, Hamida says Gos is great, she says we have to welcome them grandly. Ruks says we will do that, its such a good news, she says to Hoshiyar i will give you costly gift for this breaking this news.

Scene 2
Jalal with his army comes back to Agra palace, Ruks, Hamida and all smile seeing him. Birbal and Todar congratulate him, the palanquin comes in palace too, Jodha comes out of it. Ruks says what Jodha is doing with Jalal and that too in this muslim outfit, Salima says she said she was going to mandir but wasnt wearing this dress, Ruks thinks something is wrong. Jalal says Murad, Daniyal and Salim will come after checking stability in Iran. he goes to meet Hamida.
Jalal comes in Haram, all wives give him rose and congratulate him, he hugs Salima and Ruks. he looks at Hamida, sit beside her, she congratulate him for winning, he kisses her hand, Jalal says i got woried as i got to know about your heath, he ask Ruks why you didnt send letter to me about her ill health, Hamida says i asked them to not disturb you in war, Salima says now atleast she will eat something, Jalal says what? Salima says Hamida she was stubborn that till you dont come back she will not eat, Jalal makes her eat, Hamida says every matter ends here as you have returned, she ask where are my grandsons, Jalal says they have gone to different cities which we have won and will apply new rules there, they are walking like brother hand in hand now. he makes her eat, Jodha comes there and greets Hamida, Salima ask Jodha that you went to Mandir then how come in this dress and how you came with Jalal? Jalal ask Jodha to answer her, tell her how you returned with me, did you bring Parsad from Mandir? Jodha is silent and looks at Jalala. Jalal says she didnt go to Mandir, all looks on, Jalal says to Hamida that she went to Dargah to change her religion, to accept Islam, all are stunned, Jalal says good thing was i came there and stopped her, she went against her husband, her heart, she went against her promise, i dont know why she did this, i will not blame anyone else for this as she didnt give importance to my promise then how can she listen to others, she have made me feel ashamed, the reason for which i did this war, she spoiled that reason, eh curtly looks at her and says i am tired, he leaves, Hamdia is sad.

Scene 3
Ruks is getting in her roon, Hoshiyar says first Jodha denied to change religion and now agreed, Ruks says it doesnt matte, whatever she did was in my favor, Jalaa is angry with her so he will not go to her room, she says i will go and give company to Jalal.
Jalal is royal bath tub, he drinks wine and recalls how he had seen Jodha in dargah, Ruks comes there, she touches jalal, he ask her to leave him, Ruks ask whats matter? Jalal says you know it, Ruks says ok i will not talk about it, Jalal says this thing is hitting me hard, i did war so that no one is forced to change religion and when i returned, what i saw was unbearable, he says i will leave now, he leaves. Ruks says that you dont have time for me and neither love.
Jodha says to Moti that Jalal is angry with me and i am reason, what i did wasnt right? Moti says situation was such that your decision was not wrong, Jalal will understand it too, pacify him, Jodha says dont tie my hairs, jalal likes my open hairs.
Jodha comes to Jalal and ask if you are still angry with me? Jalal says you remember first promise we did in marriage? Jodha says yes that wife shoud obey husband’s order, should follow it till death, Jalal says i feel that promise should be removed from pheras as its not being followed so need for it, Jodha says i know i did mistake, you can punish me but dont be angry with me, Jalal says after all thsi, you want me to not get angry, ok i will not be miffed, Jodha says your behavior is hurting me, Jalal says before i say something inappropriate just leave from here, Jodha says be angry on me, scold me but dont ask me to leave, i wanna be with you, she holds his hand, Jalal says how can i go against your orders, you did that but i will not do it, ok stay here and i will leave from here, he leaves.

PRECAP- Jalal says Jodha that i will give you big punishment, i have taken decision to divorce you.

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