Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sooraj showing his hotel plan to everyone. The kids get glad seeing the drawing. Sooraj explains them what all facilities he will keep. Everyone smile. Sooraj says the kitchen will be big, as hotel is known by its food. Bhabho asks Babsasa does he believe in Sooraj s dream now. Sooraj says he will keep rocking chair for Babasa and bring ginger tea. Babasa is glad. Vikram says he likes his idea. Sooraj says they have to talk to Mohit, as he will be manager of the hotel. Vikram says great, congrats. Mohit thinks its just plan and he is giving me job.

Sandhya brings the hotel design and shows him. Ved says its my drawing. Sooraj says I thought the name of the hotel. Ved asks why. J Sooraj says Vedansh. Bhabho thinks it means Ved and Vansh. She says congrats for this step towards your dream, I will make sweets. Ved says we want icecream and asks Sooraj. Sooraj says they will get icecream party and asks Mohit to get it. He sees his wallet and it does not have money.

Mohit thinks he has given your money to buy land. Sooraj tells Sandhya that he does not have money. Sandhya gives money from her purse. Sooraj gives money to Mohit. Ved says he does not want to eat icecream. Misri asks why. Ved says Papa does not have money, it got spent in hotel land. Sandhya says Sooraj s pocket is not empty, it has dreams. Ved says but we can t buy icecream by dreams. Sandhya says your dad and me are one. Bhabho and Sooraj smile.

Bhabho asks Daisa to have sweets, and tells that Sooraj bought land for hotel. Daisa says I m afraid that his age is much, he is running after dreams in this age. Bhabho says person should dream till he lives and try to fulfill it, he is my Shravan Kumar and ideal son. Daisa says I know, I say it even today, but why did he sell his shop. Bhabho asks her not to worry, Ved is happy that his dad took this decision for him.

The kids get icecream. Daisa says Sooraj should not waste money like this, he should save money. Ved says mum got this icecream, Papa did not have money. Bhabho sends the kids. Sooraj and Sandhya come. Emily gives icecreams to everyone. Daisa asks Sooraj will he eat icecream. Sandhya asks why can t he eat, if everyone is eating. Daisa says its from his wife s earnings, does he not feel bad. They all are shocked.

Sooraj says what is she saying. Daisa says I know my words are bitter, but its truth, he is jobless now and enjoying on wife s earnings, how will he beg his wife for all expenses, when he had raised his siblings by his earnings. She taunts him. She says since shop is sold, everyone is backbiting. Sandhya defends Sooraj. Daisa says its groom s vow to take care of expenses. Sandhya says bride also vows to support groom in all happiness and pain.

Sandhya defends Sooraj and tells about Ram and Sita. Daisa says she can t win in argument, but Sooraj will get more taunts. Bhabho says what nonsense is she saying. She says she has done all responsibilities, as Babasa was always with her, and gave her courage, how can she say he did not do anything. Sandhya says husband and wife should face all problems together, its like two foot, which both take duties and can t be taking credit. Daisa says when Ved sees his mum doing all duties, will he respect Sooraj, and can he bear all this.

Sandhya says when she was away in Jodhpur for 3 years, Sooraj did her duties too, I did not think so, whats wrong if they share duties, and all bahus are independent in Rathi family. Daisa argues and says society will not agree to her. Sooraj gets sad. Sandhya says society rules are for us, if we mend, who will stop us, no one will say. She says Sooraj has given me a lot, support, understand, its my turn now. She says she will support her husband, no matter what anyone says, she is proud of her husband s decision. Daisa says fine, if you all think I m wrong, what can I do. She leaves. Sandhya sees Sooraj crying. Sooraj leaves.

Meenakshi says don t feel bad, but Daisa said right. Vikram says Sooraj was 14 years old when he started cooking, and he has always helped people, he did not ask anyone. Meenakshi says now the traditions will change, if he asks Sandhya for money, what will happen. Vikram says its not easy to ask help from wife, that man is a failure and people question on his manhood. Bhabho and Sandhya cry.

Sooraj keeps money and returns to Sandhya. She keeps money in his wallet and he stops her.

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