Sasuraal Simar Ka 7th May 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Mata ji signs the papers as well. Roli strives to release hersefl. She opens her hands and calls Simar. Simar serves the refreshments. maya and simar are shocked to see sid standing there. Rajhinder says bring some sweets please. Mata ji offers them all sweets, mata ji says sid comes here as well. simar gets a call from roli. Maya asks sid where is roli? is she in room? sid says i haven t seen her since morning. The clients leave. prem and rest of men see them off.

Maya comes to roli s room and sees her roped. They all see off the clients, sid shakes hand as well. sid calls rajveer and says its done. Rajveer says the process will take two hours and in front of prem and simar. he says now i will enjoy this game with bharadwajs.

maya releases roli, roli says we have to stop those people. Maya says why? Sid says how will you? I saw them off. Roli tries to go out, sid grasps her and places a dagger on her neck. He says mays stop there. Simar runs to roli s room. He comes out with roli, everyone say please leave her sid, prem says we will do as you say. sid says dont come here or i will kill her. come to hall. They all come to hall, sid calls rajveer. calendar is about to hit sid with a vase, roli says no don t hurt him. He doesn t know what he is doing. Rajveer says on call the lasts stage of game has started. He comes in and says prem ji..the people who came as clients were my people. mata ji says what? He says the papers you signed were papers of your business and property. everyone is bewildered. Go to reisgration office prem you have 20 minutes to tear those papers before they are legal. he laughs and says aryan let your prem bro go from here and after 10 minutes let simar go, they will try to make this game better.if they try to do anything kill roli. mata ji says what are you doing? Mata ji says prem please go we will handle it all. simar says don t worry we will save our house. prem says i wont let this happen. i will bring them back. They are about to go. Sid says stop simar. he says you can t go or i will kill her. Prem says simar you stay here.

Prem is driving madly to the registration office. Pari says what are yu doing? simar says recognize your family. Don t do this to her she is your wife. Rajinder says he is right. mata ji says why are you not letting simar go. sid says i can t. sattu says hurting her wont get you anything. He says i am not sid, i am rajveer s slave. mata ji says rajveer made our son stand against us. please save us God. Maya goes and grasps sid s hand and shoves dagger away. she says look in my eyes.
sid says i am seeing maya what? what you want to do? it wont happen because my master has made me wear lenses that cant let you hypnotize me. Sid shoves roli and she falls downs and faints.sid takes his dagger again and points it to the family. Maya comes in front.

Precap-masui ji shoves maya. Mausi ji says what are you doing? mausi ji says you have to die in episode. its 12 yur property is of my son now. Mata ji says what? mausi ji says rajveer singh my son.

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