Meri Aashiqui Tum se Hi 7th May 2015 Written Episode

Kanchal takes Shekhar to the room. She tells him she wants to talk to him about Ishaani. Shekhar thinks Ishaani told Kanchal about all his girl-friends. He tells Kanchal what she is thinking is wrong. They are just friends and she is just like his sister. Kanchal says she liked her and wanted to marry him with her. Shekhar asks did she meet her? Kanchal says yes she has. Shekhar wonders did she meet Tina or Sheena or whom? Shekhar says he doesn’t like her at all. Kanchal heads to leave saying if he doesn’t want to marry Ishaani. Shekhar stops her and disbelievingly asks if she is really talking about Ishaani?? Ishaani Parekh?? The one who lives in their home?? Kanchal asks if he loves her? He says she has beautiful hair and eyes. Kanchal says this means he likes her, she judged it after watching him with her and Baa also noticed them together. Shekhar gets more excited. He reassures from Kanchal if Ishaani would also say yes. Kanchal teases him for having an urge to marry soon now. Shekhar gets serious at once and says Krisha should get married first, he isn’t in an urge to get married. Kanchal laughs at him.
He also laughs and then hugs her saying I love you mom.
Krisha brings Chaitali and Ritesh to her room after showing them her whole house. Kanchal says wow, what a bathroom. Dewarsh is irked while Ritesh goes to correct her that it is bedroom not bathroom. Krisha comes to Dewarsh, Chaitali says she wanted to see this house since day one, but they didn’t get a chance. Krisha leaves the room, Chaitali says to Ritesh that she feels she is in heaven today. She says this is like home. Ritesh says he is worried now seeing all these luxuries, will she be able to live there in our small house. Chaitali says why would Krisha live there, she will come here with Dewarsh as she would not be able to live there in our little house. Chaitali says since Dewarsh can’t live without his parents, we will all live here. Dewarsh tells Ritesh that maa is right, Baa comes there and says to Dewarsh that Shekhar knows all about him and if Ishaani tells Shekhar anything about him, he won’t be able to marry Krishaa.
RV comes finding Shekhar. Shekhar says he is in a good mood today. RV says he is a good friend with him and Ritika, whatever he would says would be for his betterment. He tries to talk about a girl, Shekhar asks RV to stop it if it is about Ishaani. He doesn’t want to talk about Ishaani with him, specially now. He says he may marry Ishaani soon.
Baa takes Ishaani to a side. Baa says she is Baa of this family who never loved her. Baa says she never got the happiness though she sacrificed so much for Parekh family, for Ranveer and never complaints. Ishaani asks Baa not to say this all now. Baa asks her to let her.
RV is shocked to hear Shekhar talking about his and Ishaani’s marriage. Shekhar says there was a proposal from her family. RV says he knows Ishaani, he heard all from her in hospital. He tells Shekhar he loved her, and Ishaani married him only for money. Shekhar says RV only complains about Ishaani, had Ishaani needed the money she would have returned to him. RV says she didn’t come to him because he got Shekhar. Shekhar tells RV that he is jealous because the one who he loved is marrying someone else.
Baa says to Ishaani that she wants her to be happy now. Ishaani says she is happy. Baa says the happiness of a woman is tied to a man who loves and cares for her. She tells Ishaani she wants her to marry Shekhar.
RV tells Shekhar that his love for Ishaani never had jealousy, desperation or greed. He was once ready to marry Ishaani with Chiraag. If he thinks he is jealous of him, he hasn’t love well. RV says this Ishaani isn’t the one he loved. He tells Shekhar he was once there, he didn’t find anything wrong in Ishaani. But one day Ishaani will leave him, he will be left alone. He is telling this all as a friend. Shekhar removes his hand and says to RV that his love wasn’t strong enough, else he would know she could never do so.
Ishaani tries to tell Baa Shekhar never likes her. Baa tells her that she knows Ishaani loves RV but Shekhar loves her and like her papa said his alone’s love would be enough for both.
Shekhar tells RV that he has full trust on Ishaani and doesn’t want to talk any further about it. He brings a box of sweet and says they talked a lot bitter, he must take the sweet of his wedding. RV tells him he has left eating sweet. Shekhar says that is visible, his words have got bitter. He advised him to marry his love and now he himself is asking him not to do so. But whatever he says, this wedding will take place. RV asks if he knows the first rule of friendship, to be there in bad times; no matter the friend takes up enemity against you. He leaves.
Ishaani says she can’t marry. Baa says she can, she is just like Harshid, he was always loyal towards Falguni and if a husband gets loyalty from his wife he can live happily. Not only Shekhar but his family also loves her. She will get the love and respect here. Shekhar comes there and hears the conversation. Ishaani tells Baa that she can’t marry Shekhar, she doesn’t love Shekhar. Shekhar comes in front of Ishaani when Baa leaves. He says he was saying this the other day, she is a woman of integrity and her living here must not affect her decision, he will accept whatever she would decide.

PRECAP: Shekhar comes to a temple house where in a corner Ishaani and Ranveer get intimate.

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