Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls 7th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Eshu and Chandi quarreling for their fav dishes. Anji comes and says they will not cook at home, and will have dinner outside, its time to celebrate as Anant got big contract from French company, he has tied up with them, so we will go. They all congratulate her and hug. Anji asks them to get ready. Mamta says its really good news. Dabbu says she can t come, she has to cover a chaat corner event. Anji says oh, how low standard. Dabbu laughs and says I m happy for you and Anant, but I m sorry I can lose job if I come.

Anji asks her to come even if she gets late. Dabbu says fine and ends the call. She goes to cover news at the chaat corner and eats it. She says its very delicious chaat and takes the vendor s interview. The camera man Santosh records her. He says we will go and compile this. He asks how can she do this with so much excitement. They go to numerous stalls and eats the chaat. She says this is good, coverage and also chaat party. They take a break. Santosh gets a call and says what, its big news, but I m fine here. Dabbu asks him what happened. Santosh tells about the riots going on and no one is covering. She says we should go, this chaat news is enough, please lets go. He says he will inform his wife will come late.

He calls Dylan and says he is going to riots scene with Debjani, she insisted me to come along, and wanted to go there, we are leaving. Dylan says very good and smiles. His mum asks why is he smiling. Dylan says he is satisfied now and says about Dabbu, she is stupid but has talent, she feels she is going to cover news, but its imp news, not she will prove her talent, I m strict to her, and she feels I m rude and does not have manners, I think if I push her, she will be one of the best journalists.

Rest comming soon.

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