Doli Armaanon Ki 7th May 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan s residence
Shashi is scared that samrat might try to coax her original jewellery out of her and hence insists urmi to kep it safe with her, as samrat wont be able to get it from her. but she says that these are some imp things of her late husband, and doesnt reveal that its jewellery. Urmi senses something fishy but complies nevertheless and tells shashi to warn samrat that he shouldnt try anything now, or else he wont be spared this time around.

At night, samrat wonders where to get the money from. he then stealthily gets p, ensuring that tani is asleep, and looks in the almirah, but doesnt find cash. He coems down to sleep frustratedly. While tani is asleep, samrat slips off the ring from her hand, thinking that this should ideally be of diamonds. samrat evilly thinks that it shall fetch much more than 4, 5 lakhs. the next morning, tani comes downstairs and says that she cant find the ring, studded with diamonds, and that she is doubtful that someone must have flinched it. urmi wonders who could have taken it. shashi is tensed. sandhya eyes shashi tersely, and she begins to fidget under her gaze. Meanwhile, tani begins to doubt rani, the maid, and insults her by asking her to get her bags checked. she complies and they dont find the ring.

Scene 2:
Location: Market
samrat tries to sell the ring, but is frustrated to find that shops are closed till eleven. He then moves away, and goes to meet james, who taunts him, and then asks about the money. samrat gives the ring. james takes it, and then asks how big a fool he is, that he gave him another medium to blackmail him. james leaves threatening him, and the screen freezes on samrat s shocked face.

Precap: james warns samrat that he should get 10 lakhs by tomorrow, or else he would show up at his house, with the ring and the hotel evidences. samrat is tensed. Back home, Samrat says to tani that they should first search the house. urmi says that they have already done that, and there s no harm in involving the police now. samrat eyes her frustratedly.

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