Meri Aashiqui Tum se Hi 8th May 2015 Written Episode

Ishaani brings tea at table. Mr. Mehra says he has got used to it now. Kanchal asks Ishaani to take seat on table too. Mr. Mehra asks about Krisha and Shekhar. Shekhar comes to the table and asks Kanchal to serve him soon as he has to leave. Ishaani serves him but he was lost. Mr. Mehra asks Ishaani to teach them some Gujrati costums, they are Punjabi and Krishaa is going into their family. Shekhar takes a leave saying he isn t hungry and will take breakfast later. Mr. Mehra asks Ishaani about any pre-wedding customs. Ishaani says they have to bring Ganesh ji idols and do pooja at home. Kanchal says they must do the pooja too, in the evening Pandit ji is coming, why not keep the pooja also. Ishaani says she will do the preparations but before that they must bring idol too. Mr. Mehra asks her to get it of her choice. Ishaani comes to a shop, the shopkeeper shows her some samples but she asks for more. They suggests her to go to their godown, the sales man asks the owner if he is talking about the same godown he took the guy sometime ago. He nods. The sales man leaves Ishaani into godown to find and choose the idol. Ishaani hears RV calling her name, gets alert and looks into the godown.
Shekhar gets a call from RV. He wonders why is RV calling him, if he takes his call he will again talk rubbish about Ishaani.
Ishaani watches RV in the doorway, he asks what she is doing here. He was drunk, moves to her but loses his control. Ishaani runs to him, he fells down. Ishaani comes to help him and says she told him so many times not to drink this much; what was he doing here. RV says she doesn t care for him, and there is no other person then why is she doing this drama. He loses control again, she helps him but he asks her not to touch. He is a driver s son, not worth her. He says he now understands, she isn t doing it because she cares for him but because she wants to assess him. She wants to see if she has a hold on him now. She has started another game. Ishaani says she isn t here to hear his rubbish.
Shekhar picks the call up, and says he isn t ready to hear any rubbish. It wasn t RV but the man from near the godown who tells him RV is lying here drunk. Shekhar says he will come here soon.
RV tells Ishaani that her presence no more affects him. All feelings for her are dead for her now. He comes close to her ear and says her name has no importance in his life now. He asks if she wants a proof, comes near to her and takes her to a wall.
Shekhar arrives at the godown and calls RV s number to trace the caller. He locates the godown and goes inside.
RV asks Ishaani why she is hiding her face; he caresses it and says he wants to prove he isn t affected anymore by her beautiful face. He gets even closer to her, keeps her hand on his chest and asks her to see he isn t getting moved. She asks him to leave her hand. He says she is used to it, she used to come near him and made a stupid of him. He asks her to do the acting now, say I love you to him. He says no difference at all even if he comes so close to her. He gets even intimate and says still unaffected.
Shekhar comes to the godown, RV and Ishaani get intimate. Ishaani tries to push RV back, then keeps her arm at his shoulder. She looks at Ritika standing there. RV smiles at Ishaani but is shocked when he looks at Ritika there and stammers her name. He looks behind him, the door was shut. Ritika leaves crying, RV runs behind her.
Shekhar was on the call and asks the man where is RV. The man says he was drunk and lie here. He leaves RV s cellphone to Shekhar.
Ritika was crying and asks RV not to touch her. RV says he isn t drunk, he poured drink on his clothes. He isn t losing his control, he just want to show Shekhar the reality of Ishaani. Shekhar isn t ready to hear anything about Ishaani, but he doesn t want Shekhar to be fooled by her. He got to know from Shekhar s dad on phone that Ishaani is coming here. He got Shekhar called from a guy and reached here before Ishaani. He says he is right, he was acting and wanted to tell Ishaani s reality to Shekhar. Shekhar loves Ishaani and can t bear to be fooled by a girl. Ritika says Shekhar called her here. RV says Shekhar is a good man but Ishaani is characterless.
Ishaani walks around the godown, Shekhar comes there and calls Ishaani concerned. He asks what she is doing here, what is he doing here. Shekhar says someone called him that RV is drunk here, he got his mobile and called him; but RV is nowhere here. Ishaani was lost, then says he was here but has gone. Shekhar says if he said something to her, is she right; was he really drunk. Ishaani says yes, a bit. Shekhar says what has happened to this man, Ritika must be here as he called her. Shekhar asks if Ishaani took the idol, Ishaani says she is picking one. Shekhar asks her to take it, he will drop her home and goes to take the car which is parked somewhere away. He notices Ishaani lost and asks if she is alright. Ishaani says yeah, she is. He leaves the godown. Ishaani turns to pick and idol.
She hears RV telling Ritika that he told her the truth, why is she upset, doesn t she trust him. Ritika was crying, she says she trusts and will always do. He gave her what she never expected; he told her he has nothing to do with Ishaani. RV says he told her all this, it was a drama to show the reality of Ishaani to Shekhar. Ritika says what she saw and what he has been saying is different, she saw the moment, the way he was seeing Ishaani, he kissed her; his eyes only had love for her, not hate or anger. RV says he doesn t love her anymore. He says he wants their life to be secured, he is trying to forget Ishaani. Ritika says he is still trying to forget Ishaani. He gave his name to her, he did this for family pressure because had he wanted to keep her secure he would have married her. They are only married in society but at home, they aren t actually married. Ritika says he didn t even took the rounds of marriage or the promises. Ishaani is moved hearing this all.

PRECAP: in the pooja, Ritika says to Shekhar he wants to say something important to him. RV comes running there and stops Ritika. Ishaani asks Shekhar to say something in front of everyone.

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