Shastri Sisters 9th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Alka telling Rohan that Astha did not come out of her room, what was the need to tell all that to her. Rohan goes and apologizes to Astha. Astha acts sweet to him, and says one day he will find everything difficult without her. Shastri ji and Peeya try to cook and say how did Alka manage so well. The door bell rings. Shastri ji checks the door and see Devyaani’s colleagues coming to know about her welfare. He says she is fine, come. The girl gives the form of medical insurance, and office can pay for the medical bills, as accident happened there. He says thanks. She says our boss is good, and takes care of everyone who works there. He says fine, thank him.

They say they want to meet Devyaani. Devyaani gets tensed and locks her room. Shastri ji knocks the door and asks her to open the door, as her friends came to meet her. The girl says I think she is sleeping, let her rest, we will come any other day, give these flowers to her. They leave. He says I don’t know when will you come out of the walls you created around you. Devyaani looks at her wound and cries.

Minty and Kajal come home from shopping. She asks Kajal to prepare for the puja. Kajal says she is perfect Indian woman and knows everything, and praises her. Minty smiles. Kajal says she has abig heart, even when anyone says her anything, she thinks good. She reminds how Rajat spoke badly and she did not care, and today she is keeping fast for Rajat and Neil with love. She says I don’t have parents, so I don’t know how to behave with them, but I know they are like Lord’s avatar, and we should not talk to them in anger, does everyone forget to respect parents or its happening in just our home, maybe because of Anu.

Minty says its because of Anu, Rajat loved me a lot, its fine, I love him if he does not love me now, as I m his mum, I will keep fast. Kajal saks is her goodness keeping her sad, does he feel whatever he does, you will always love him and keep fasts. Minty says yes, she should not love him if he misbehaves. If he does not turn her son again, then this fast will be last for him.

Kajal comes to Anu and asks when did she come. Anu says Rajat did not like anything outside, so I came to make food at home. She says she bought a beautiful suit for Minty. Kajal asks how did she know mum will keep fast for Rajat. Anu says I knew it, I heard her talking to Dolly, I m sure all the misunderstandings will be cleared. She goes. Kajal says she will also have to go if misunderstandings get cleared, she will not let this happen. Rajat says he packed the gift. Anu says great, mum will like this a lot. He says I have some work. Anu asks him to come soon. Kajal steals the gift and says sorry Anu, I can’t let Rajat and Minty end differences.

Devyaani refuses to come out, it will look bad, she will feel sorry. Anu brings someone and says she got her for Devyaani. Rajat does not get the gift and calls Anu. Kajal thinks I will send Minty out. Rajat says why is Anu not taking the call. Kajal asks Minty to come. Minty says she will go and waits for Rajat. Kajal sends everyone and shows concern to Minty. She says Anu and Rajat are not at home, I think they went out intentionally, to make her feel hurt.

Shastri ji asks about Devyaani. Alka and Anu show Devyaani, in her new look which hides her scar. Neil looks at her. Everyone smile.

Anu asks Rajat to come fast as puja started. Rajat saks did mom sit in puja. Anu sees Minty and says everyone forced her to sit. Anu thinks if Rajat does not come, the rift between them can be more solid..

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