Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Subbu talking to doctor. He gets double sure about Ananya. Mrs. Bhalla hears them talking and cries, being regretful of keeping him away from their home.

Mrs/. Bhalla apologizes for being mistaken about him and thanks him for Simmi. Subbu says no need to thank, I just want to see Ananya. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to come anytime to meet her. Subbu meets Ananya. Simmi thanks him. He says that man needed a lesson, he does not deserve Ananya, its good you are leaving him, and thanks Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita smiles seeing Subbu and Ananya.

Its morning, everyone sit for breakfast. Ruhi and Adi talk about summer holidays coming and they will go out after dad comes. Mrs. Bhalla says it will be fun. Adi tells about the last time. Saari fizaon me hai……………plays………. She recalls how Raman applied the ointment to her rashes. She asks everyone what do they tell kids, its so embarrassing. Mrs. Bhalla says they will give anti medicines before they go on trip. Simmi goes to check Ananya. Neelu tells Ishita that school peon came. Ishita gets the circular and talks to him. He says selected kids parents got this.

She reads it and comes to everyone. She says Ruhi and Adi are selected for Singapore summer exchange program, I don t think we should send him, and they did not inform us before. Mrs. Bhalla says they will plan well. Ishita says Ruhi is very young, I don t understand this. Ishita says Singapore is very far.

Ashok pays the man. The man says he acted as if he is real school peon, no one will know anything, don t worry. Ashok asks him to do one more work. Rinki calls Mihir and is angry finding him busy. Ishita comes and asks her to come for shopping, is she talking to Mihir, fine carry on. Rinki says he does not have time. Ishita says its good you moved on, come for shopping. She messages Romi and gets his call. She talks to him and says fine, I will tell her. She asks Rinki to go and have icecream. Rinki agrees.

The doctor checks Ananya and says she is fine, her fever is down, no ned to worry. Subbu told me to check Ananya. He gets Subbu s call and says Ananya is fine now, no need to worry. He leaves. Mrs and Mr. Bhalla get glad seeing this. She says Subbu is nice guy, he will be good for Simmi, they can settle and Ananya will get a good father. He says Simmi is getting divorce and now she is fixing this. She says will she sit at home, Subbu is also hurt and knows world.

Romi brings Rinki to café and ask her to sit inside to have AC air. She sees Mihir with some girl and gets angry. She joins them and asks is his meeting over. He says he thought to have coffee with Riya. Romi joins them and asks Rinki to come. Bunty s wife is ill, we have to go. She asks him to go, she will manage. Romi smiles and leaves. Mihir says he will drop Riya home and asks Rinki to sit, and orders cold coffee for her. He leaves with Riya. Romi stands outside whistling. He says he will say Ishita that plan worked.

Adi plays with Shravan. Ruhi says about cultural exchange program in Singapore. Shravan says I have to go too, I will tell Amma. Ruhi says he is getting jealous. Shravan goes. Shagun comes to meet Ruhi and Adi, and taunts Ishita. Shravan comes and asks will she not send him to Singapore. Adi says we were just joking and greets Shagun. He says we are going Singapore. Ishita says I don t think it will work out, kids are young. Shagun says its nothing wrong, they are smart and got this opportunity, I will decide. Ishita says I will talk to Raman and we will decide. Shagun says she will enquire in school and asks for passports.

Ishita says we are legal parents, I told in school not to agree to you, it was weird circular, I will meet teacher and find out. Shagun thinks if Ishita meets teacher then…

Rinki comes home and is angry on Mihir. Ishita comes and asks why is her mood off. Rinki tells what happened. Ishita explains her not to raise question on the relations and not carry burden in heart, if there is love, then she has to accept and move on. She asks her to think and leaves.

Ishita talks to Mr. Bhalla about the kids trip and he asks her to talk to teacher. She says she also wants cultural event, but its imp to keep them safe. Shagun tells Ashok that it was fool proof plan and argues with him. he says he has bribed the teacher and she will get the kids passport soon. She asks is he sure. He says yes.

Shagun says she got her kids, thanks to Ishita. He says its good Vandu met with an accident, so Ishita went. She says I hope Vandu and her baby are fine, and I will get my kids. He says Ishita will be busy with Vandu and we have to take kids..

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