Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 9th May 2015 Written Episode

The episode begins with, vimla goes to dadajis room, and switches off the light,dadaji says vimla let the light be,vimla asks why didn t u sleep yet,dadaji says I couldn t get over the way nisha and kabir disrespect me, and dadaji is in tears, vimla says don t blame urself,dadaji says it was my fault I trusted them blindly today first time I lost,ramesh comes and says no u didn t loose,and says u didn t lose but I did the nisha for whom I fought with everyone but look today,dadaji says no I forced nisha and kabir marriage and so its my fault,ramesh says no we are all together bcoz of u, plz don t lose hope if u do we all will also lose.
Cousins and kabir and nisha reach the warehouse,watchman bans kabir but cousins go in,nisha starts checking the cctv footage,bunty finds some keys, jwala says its sumit jijus I have seen in his hands,suku says but this isn t enough to prove him culprit,nisha says suku is right lets check the footage,nisha is going through footage,kabir calls nisha, nisha says I am still seeing, nisha finds that major part of footage is missing its deleted almost of 1 hr,kabir says this is definitely sumit.
Kabir strolling sees one camera covering the entrance and calls nisha out,and shows them the camera, suku says this warehouse belongs to mr bajaj let me call him and ask for help,bajaj agrees to help,kabir says now sumit beware. Roopan asks sumit what all is this jwellery did u do it, sumit says no I didn t, roopan says sure na see bcoz of this we will be at loss,sumit says no aunty how will I do that and why face loss, roopan says sorry I was just worried,sumit says aunty u just pray that we find the jwellery,roopan says ok I shall leave before someone sees.
Sumit decides to hide jwellery in mandir so that dolly or no one else finds it,sumit hides it and leaves, rukhma sees sumit coming out of mandir. Sourabh seeing dolly sleeping in her room,sumit is watching him,sourabh tries to go to dolly and says sorry but bcoz of guilt couldn t go in and says I am sorry dolly bye take care,sumit clicks his pic and hides,sourabh leaves.
Kabir thanks mr bajaj for helping them,he says its fine,kabir and cousins go through the footage,they find sumit coming in and going out with bag, kabir says sumit ur now gone,nisha says sumit jiju hide jwellery in bag,suku says we need to tell dadaji,jwala says no we cant we just see his back and not face,kabir says jwala is right we need to find that bag, and we cant say its jwellery in that bag,nisha says we have to catch sumit red handed with this bag and then show the footage,nisha says we have to find the bag by tonight,kabir says the footage is last nights and so the bag must be with sumit, nisha says the bag must be home, suku says yes bcoz sumit jiju isn t leaving house at all.
Sourabh is outside gangwal house,sourabh sees cousins and says I was waiting for u guys, cousins ignore him,sourabh says I am sorry I didn t mean to hurt anyone,kabir walks to sourabh and says sourabh is our friend how can one control feelings can anyone of us control it no right then why blame him,umesh and aman love eachother we all are with them then why not sourabh, nisha walks to sourabh and says kabir is right, we shdnt be judging our friend, and I am sorry sourabh and hugs him,cousins hug him too,sourabh says thanku guys and sorry.sourabh calls kabir as well.suku says enough lets work,sourabh says I will help too,nisha says no sourabh not now but don t worry we will keep in touch,kabir doesn t enter house ,nisha asks why aren t u coming,kabir says I shdnt,nisha says I can understand but trust me we will prove u innocent.

Precap; cousins searching bag,dolly and nisha find something in mandir and are shocked.

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