Shastri Sisters 11th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Devyaani coming with hiding her scar. Neil looks at her. Anu asks Sareen about Rajat. Sareen says I don t know. The ladies praise Devyaani for her confidence and new looks. Minty and Kajal look at her. Minty recalls Neil and Rajat and their strong bonding. Dolly comes and taunts her. She asks about Rajat, did he go to buy gift. She recalls Kajal s words. Minty gets angry. Kajal asks her to sit in puja. Minty says not so soon, everyone did not come. Kajal asks her to have food and take care of herself, love herself. She asks her to sit in puja for Neil s sake. Minty looks at the door waiting for Rajat.

Neil sees Devyaani and smiles. Leela fills Kajal s ears against him. Kajal says don t worry, he will see me with love. Neil sends a card by the waiter. Kajal asks what is he doing, did he forget the marriage. Leela asks her to go and remind Neil that she is his wife. Kajal takes the card and asks what is the waiter saying, Neil is characterless and sending card to someone else, she is his wife. Devyaani looks on. Kajal scolds the waiter and asks why is he blaming her husband. The waiter says why is she getting angry on him, he is doing what he is told to do. She asks Neil what is the waiter saying, that you sent this card for someone else, tell me, he is saying wrong, its sent for me right.

Neil says yes, I have sent this card for you. Kajal smiles. She thanks him. He gets angry and asks her to stop saying, she knows very well its not for her, so whats the use. He reminds her that he married her just for Minty s happiness.
Anu thinks why did Rajat not come till now and sees his missed calls. She calls him. He asks about the gift. She says in cupboard. He says its not there, I checked. She says puja is starting. He asks how can he come without gift. Kajal asks Minty to sit in puja, as Neil is waiting for her. Minty and Neil sit in the puja. Anu says leave about gift, come soon. He asks did mum sit in puja. She sees Minty and says someone forced her, so she had to. He ends call. She calls him again. He gets upset. She thinks this can create a rift between them more deep. Minty looks at the door and cries. Anu says I will get Rajat here and make him break Minty s fast. She tells Alka that she is going to bring Rajat.

Rajat thinks about Minty. Anu comes to him and says come along. He says whats the use now to come, I know her well, she kept the puja for Neil. She asks him to come and talk to Minty. He asks how did she do this. She says Minty made two shaguns, and she is looking at the door. She asks him to not let go his mum, its beautiful relation which she did not have. She asks him to recall Minty s goodness and come in puja. The puja ends and everyone do the aarti. Minty waits for Rajat.

Minty sees all the sons breaking the fast of their mums. Shastri ji says Anu will come soon, break your fast. He says I m not finding her. They ask him to have food and he says he is not hungry. Kajal tells Leela that she will make Minty more against Rajat and goes to her. Kajal asks Minty to break her fast, and then even she will have food after she eats. Minty says fine. Neil holds a laddoo and asks her to eat. Minty closes her eyes. Rajat holds Neil s hand. Neil says you Bhai… Minty opens eyes and sees Rajat. Minty cries happily.

Rajat gifts Minty. Kajal says how did Anu get the gift. Anu asks how did the gift come in her cupboard, and warns her not to create problems, and asks her truth.

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