Satrangi Sasural 11th May 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan s residence
All welcome arushi with open warm,s warm wishes and blessings to start her life. harpreet and geeta taunt and tease vihaan, who s getting impatient. Inside, mini and priyanka ask how could narmada give vote to arushi. She says that this is what nilima had wanted and she cant say no to that andd to vihaan s happiness, and that by accepting arushi, vihaan is happy and nilima is happy. Granny comes saying thats the only reason they should accept arushi. Priyanka asks her not to force her. granny asks her to think for vihaan and his happiness not for arushi. She says that they shall celebrate today s happy day, and prepare a grand feast, and gives this task to mini and priyanka while they fume.

In his room, vihaan, fresh from his bath, is busy practising how to propose to her, and arushi comes in and taunst her and then runs out. he rushes after her. He comes out in his towel, and harpreet and geeta comment on his shamelessness. Arushi is motified too. geeta nudges harpreet and asks her to come aside, while arushi distracts by asking if she can make today s food. They agree, but grannmy comes and tells about mini and priyanka cooking. Arushi asks why. Granny says that its a celebration for her, and she shall just rest.

While mini and priyanka are working in the kitchen, arushi goes and starts working in the kitchen, as they hint at her wedding night. They all let her work, and then move out. granny gathers all of them together and they are boggled what they want to talk about. Narmada says that its arushi s wedding night and she should be told about it and advised as every mother does to her daughter. They suggest her name only and she gets awkward. Granny says that she must be feeling awkward with them all around. priyanka tauntingly asks if they should leave now. granny suggests an idea.

Later, arushi finds the whole house emoty and hollers foe everyone. Vihaan comes from behind and takes her towards him. He caresses her face romantically. She asks where s everyone else. He says that they are at the farmhouse, so that they can be alone and have some privacy. She says that she has some work in the kitchen, and begins to go, but he stops her. He romanticises with her, and then she too responds romantically. They make their way to the room, where he lays her on the bed. he thanks her profusely for what she did for his family. she says that she did it, as they are her own family too, and hence really did it for herself only. He says that he is incredibly proud of her, and that today he bows down before her. She is overwhelmed with his romantic gesture.

Rest comming soon.

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