Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Season 2 12th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sid coming home. He tells Jyoti that he will handle mum. Renuka comes and he asks her where did she go. She gets angry and he says he worried that she can get duped. She shows the policy doc for Deep and says she is doing this for their grandson. Sid scolds Jyoti and says I know mum did mistake, but it does not mean she will always do mistake. Jyoti apologizes to Renuka for not trusting her.

Avdhoot apologizes to Pratibha and says Kalindi always thinks about Astha and gets annoyed. He says we all fail to keep her happy, she forgot to smile. Pratibha says I m glad you are being strong, don t worry, I did not feel bad, everything will be fine. He says I don t understand, I have tried best to find Astha, its 8 months now and I don t know about her, Shlok says he got Astha, if he got her, would she not come here. I went Mumbai believing Shlok and could not find Astha, am I trying less, why did Astha not coming. She says no, a father does best to find a daughter, life has ups and downs, she will come back.

Rekha gives food to Sojal and Chowski. Sojal worries. Rekha says Shlok and Astha are together, have food, don t worry. Avdhoot comes to Kalindi. He says Pratibha is going, don t be upset, else I will break seeing you like this, everything will be fine. Astha shows the tap to Shlok. He asks shall I dance. She says your wish and goes to wash face. Sajna Ve…… Chupke se ahista………….plays……………. He smiles seeing her. She asks him to close the tap. He closes the tap and the water stops. She says she will not come in wet clothes. He asks shall I remove mine or give you. She says let this dry. Avdhoot is sad that he could not find his daughter, and not able to take care of his wife s happiness and health, he wanted to fill happiness in his family and could not do, he does not strength now and prays to Lord to help him.

Indrajeet looks for Astha at home and calls out Barkha. Apsara says she did not come till now, I was going to call you, shall I get any food for you. He asks did any call come. She says no, someone gave this pendrive. He asks who. She says don t know. He says where can be Barkha and call does not connect.

Shlok and Astha come in some small hut and he sees her finding cold. He asks her to cover herself and she says she will not use the bad shawl. She asks will he stay with her. He says no in nearby suite. She gets angry and murmurs on his bad manners. He plays sound of animals to scare her. She gets scared. She asks him to stop this, and she will sit here, its his problem, why should she go. She feels cold. He look around and breaks a chair. He gets a lamp and uses its oil to ignite fire. He asks her to sit near fire to get some warmth.

Indrajeet worries saying why did Barkha not come till now, did she stay there in camp, who can give pendrive. He checks it and is stunned hearing Shlok. He says you might be thinking where is your Barkha, why do I feel your face turned pale. Shlok looks at Astha and she asks him to sit, she does not have any problem. Shlok asks Indrajeet to think well,. And he will get the answer, if she is not with you, she is not with me, I have my Astha. Indrajeet says no, this can t happen, she is not my Astha, she will always be my Barkha.

Apsara smiles seeing him frustrated and thinks Astha is free from his golden cage now. Shlok looks at Astha and mistakenly puts hands near fire. Astha stops him and asks where is his concentration, his hands would have got burnt, was he thinking about his Astha, you love her a lot right. He says Astha is my life, my everything, I m nothing without her, I can t say how much I love her, but why am I telling this to you, you are nobody for me. He goes. She says he is saying right, what do I have to do with him, but why do I feel his pain.

Indrajeet tracks Barkha s phone and is stunned seeing Shlok bringing Astha home while holding her.

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