Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla explaining Simmi about giving a new life to Ananya by giving example of Ishita completing Ruhi’s family. She asks her to think about Ananya, such relations are not found every day, Subbu is nice guy, think about Ananya. Rinki finds the door open and thinks Mihir came home. She goes inside and sees flowers, decorations and says I m sure Karishma did this, despo girl. She finds Mihir inside the bedroom and asks where did he hide her, how can he do this, she is alive, he could have waited till she did. He asks her what filmi lines is she saying, what is she finding. He stops her from going in bathroom.

She says its limit, you have hidden her in bathroom, I want to be with you, I love you and you…. She holds his collar and he holds her hand. He says now you can come out. Rinki says I will kill you Mihir. Romi comes out and says his plan. Mihir says it was all Ishita’s plan. Rinki asks Romi how could he do this. Romi says Mihir is nice guy, now leave all this anger. Mihir apologizes to her and says I had to do acting. Rinki smiles. Romi says I taught Mihir to talk to girls, and he is such coward. Rinki defends Mihir. He holds her. Romi asks him to control, he is still here. Mihir asks him to leave. He says I love you and hugs her.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to convince Simmi. Ishita says we can’t force her. Mrs. Bhalla says what if we lose this proposal. Subbu comes and asks her not to worry. He says he will wait for Simmi and give her time as much as she wants, I know Ishita is worried, but trust me I will take care of Simmi and Ananya. Simmi comes and looks at him. He says I can’t make romantic promises, life has shown me many things, break up, marriage, children and accident, he has new feeling of responsibility, care and raising Ananya, I think this is more bigger than college romance feeling, you can take time to think, I will not force you, I want to ask in simple way, will you marry me.

Ishita says I think Simmi needs time. He says I told I will give time and asks Mrs. Bhalla not to force her, she has to feel herself and choose me, then our relation will be successful. Ishita smiles. Simmi comes to her room and cries. She recalls Parmeet and the past. She tells Ananya that she is confused and does not wish to do wrong. Ananya says Mumma Papa. Simmi recalls Parmeet and Subbu, and the difference. She hugs Ananya.

Ishita gets glad to know Rinki agreed. Mihir says all thanks to you and makes her talk to Rinki. Rinki thanks her and says sorry as Raman fought with you because of me, I will tell Raman everything. She asks her to come for dinner. Ishita agrees. Simmi comes and says she thought a lot, and she feels she is ready for this marriage. Ishita asks really? She says its double happiness, and tells about Rinki and Mihir’s union, she is so happy and hugs Simmi.

Ishita says Romi that Punjabis are loud, they did so much to explain Rinki. They see Appa in parking and asks him to get groundnut. Romi says at this time. She asks him to go to any 24 by 7 shop. Romi leaves. Ishita gets groundnut for Appa and gives him. He asks from where did she come at this time. She says I went for dinner. He says its good Rinki and Mihir united, its so hot so I came to have cool air. She asks him to say truth. He says he is thinking about Simmi, Subbu has broken your heart. She says he moved on. He says yes, but he is marrying for his own reasons, maybe he can’t accept Simmi’s past, he is marrying for Ananya, what if he gets in anyone’s words and leaves Simmi. They turn and see Mr. Bhalla looking and hearing their talk.

Appa says I m not saying your decision is wrong, I was just…. Mr. Bhalla opens arms to hug him. Appa hugs him. Ishita gets teary eyed. Mr. Bhalla says he is happy, as he is also concerned for Simmi, she is lucky. Appa says I just want our families to be happy. Mr. Bhalla says its double safety for Simmi. Ishita gets thinking.

Its morning, Ishita treats a little girl and says its small infection, and tells her mum that she will do filling. Subbu says I said Ishita is expert in kids’s dental issues. Ishita says it will be done in few sittings. Subbu worries seeing her treat the kid. She smiles and asks him to go out. He asks her to be careful.

Shagun gives the passports to agent and asks him to do soon, its urgent. Ashok holds her. She scolds him. He says come on, for old time sake, I can’t resist seeing you. She asks him to be away, she has seen his colors, its best that we stay partners in crime, I want to go Australia with my kids, once I destroy Raman and Ishita, I will get what I want, and you can do anything. I want to snatch Ishita’s happiness.

Ishita talks to the lady and the kid. Subbu asks is she fine. Ishita says she is good and gives prescription. The lady leaves with her daughter. Subbu apologizes and says he can’t see kids in pain, so he can’t become dentist for kids. Ishita says she wants to talk.

Ishita asks him to think again if he is marrying for Ananya, reason should be Simmi, if you have interest in her, then go ahead. Subbu says I want to meet Simmi and if she is marrying by her wish and not for Ananya, then we will go ahead. Shagun gets inspector’s call for passport matter and is asked to meet seniors. She gets worried.

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