Sasuraal Simar Ka 13th May 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Mata ji says rajveer was punished for his sins, not because of my statement. I have always supported truth. I had no idea about what happened with choti. I am with you simar always. We wont leave our house anyway. Prem says why are you not getting it? Sujata says no prem please. They stand with Simar.

Mausi ji and rajveer are sitting in hall.mata ji says choti i want to thank you first of all for letting us live here. but nothing will change in this house.
Mausi ji says look at old you. Let me remind you once again. this is my house, i let you live here not allowed you to take decision.

uma gives chocolate syrup to sanjina and nirvan. mausi ji comes and takes the glass from them. Mausi ji says leave the kids upto me. I will make them drink it. The one who wins the game will win the will get the shake and ice cream,. sanju says what game? she says the game is called whose team are you in? go to your mom and ask her whose team she is in? if she says mausi ji then you will get this. uma says they are hungry mausi ji please give them the shake. simae comes and says you are mom how can you be so heartless for kids. What have these kids done to you? Mausi ji says they have born in bharadwaj house. Mausi ji says to anjali you have to win the game. Mausi ji leaves. Uma says this has all happened because of prem, if he cared about his clidern this wont have happened, if this keeps going on, we will have to beg to feed our kids. prem comes and says she is right. Simar says dont say this is all not your fault. believe me.

Rajveer welcomes all his guests. He says this is a very good day. The new owner of this house and daddu ji halwai is rajveer singh. And for that it has nothing to do with bharadwaj house. People say maybe prem couldn t handle the property. A guest says we came here to celebrate with bahradwaj house. if this party is to celebrate their problem then i don t wanna attend this party. He says to mata ji we are all with you in this moment of tensions. if you need any help you can always approach us.

Roli says to rajveer you took everything from us but you can t take our relations and trust from us, get ready to lose because we are used to of winning.

Precap-Mausi ji says this is the largestv room of this house, the owner shall have it and i am the owner. And give me the keys.

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