Kumkum Bhagya 13th May 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Pragya reminiscing telling Tanu she will do something with which whole family will go against her so that Tanu can enter in and marry Abhi. Taiji tells she will never accept Rachna and asks what about the girl who dream of becoming Akash’s wife and whom to blame. Pragya says daadi should be blamed. Daadi asks what does she mean. Pragya says she is differentiating Akash and Abhi, she wanted a grandchild but does not want to accept Akash’s child. She says she pampers Abhi as she is famous and successful and differentiating Akash as he is not successful. Daasi slaps her and asks how dare she is to speak against Daadi. Pragya says she will as she is right. Rachna asks her not to fight with her family for her. Pragya says she will as she is right and continues confronting daadi that her blood has gone white, etc. Daadi says she believed her dear one more than Abhi and always accepted her demands. Pragya asks her to accept Rachna then. Daadi says she will not as she does not consider Rachna as her bahu. Pragya says though she may not, Akash considers Rachna as her bahu and says if she dos not accept Rachna, she will go out of house with Rachna. Taiji asks if she is challenging her. Pragya says she is and takes Rachna and Akash to Akash’s room.

Akash thanks Pragya for encouraging him and standings for him. Pragya says she did not do anything wrong and knew family would accept her. Akash says her each word was right.

Abhi reminisces Pragya’s words against Daadi. Daasi comes and asks why is he keeping quiet instead of confronting Pragya for Daadi’s insult. Abhi thinks he cannot believe Pragya can go against daadi and thinks she is up to something else as she is not that kind of a person, but if she has insulted daadi purposefully, he will not spare her. He angrily goes to his room and searches her, but does not find. Pragya sadly comes to daad’s room wiping her tears, looks at her pics and repeatedly apologizes her for insulting her, but she had to do this. Abhi sees that and realizes she is really up to something

Abhi waits for Pragya restlessly in his room. Pragya enters hesitantly, gets out again, wipes tears and gets back in. He gives her water. She does not need it. He asks her to drink her anger while he drinks water. She thinks why is he not scolding her. He says she is a talented actress. She asks what does he mean. He says she knows how much he loves daadi and cannot see anyone troubling her, even then she insulted daadi. She says she told the truth and is not afraid. He asks that means she told lie that night.

Precap: Abhi asks Pragya to apologize daadi. She says she will not as she did not anything wrong.

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