Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 13th May 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Disha and Aarav hearing Ayaan playing Anu’s music. Disha goes and asks Ayan who taught this music. Suraj comes out and says Anu and says when Ayan was young and used to cry, Anu used to play it and console him. He is very intelligent and remembers it till now. Ayaan asks disha if she thinks he is intelligent. Disha smiles and leaves.

Ram tells his story to his jail inmate who gets very emotional and says he is very great. He says in his business, goondagiri, he needs courage, but he has more courage than him.

Ayaan studies Ram’s file. Mom asks howmuch is his salary. He says 5000 rs. She asks if it is daily salary. He says monthly. She asks why did not he accept Kapoor’s offer. Suraj comes and says his son is a self-made man and wants to achieve success without any help. Mom starts yelling that she thought at least son will bring money, but she is wrong. Aayan reads Ram is a musician and thinks he can convince him easily.

Mallika sees Arav and Disha praying in home temple and tells Manav that they have even entered temple now, she cannot tolerate them becoming Kapoor’s first priority than her children. Manav says they will not. Arav drops vase by mistake. Mallika and Manav yell it is not their chawl and is a bungalow. Disha says she knows their greed and plan to loot Kapoor’s property, but she and Arav are not greedy, so they will leave this bungalow.

Ayan goes to meet Ram. Jailer informs Ram that his lawyer has come and asks to meet him. Ram says he does not want to as he wants to die. Jailer insists and he meets Ayan. Ayan greets him and asks to sign papers to get court dates. Ram says he will sign papers if he loses case. Ayaan is shocked and asks how can he as it is his life’s first case. Ram walks out. Ayan says even he is a musician and plays Anu’s tune. Ram turns back and asks who taught it. He says he learnt it in childhood by his aunt and asks if he is ready to sign papers. Ram walks back again.

Kapoor comes home asking Suraj about Ayaan’s practice and smiling. He sees Disha walking down with Arav with bags and asks where is she going. She says she does not have right to ask. He asks where will she go. She says it is none of his business, but she will not stay here. He says she is still arrogant and says he is her guardian as she has not completed 18 years and cannot go out without his permission, so she should get back to her room. Disha walks back crying.

Kapoor calls Ayan and tells him that he wants to prepare Disha and Arav’s custody papers. Ayan asks why. Kapoor says Anu is dead and he does not want Disha and Arav’s dad to come back in their lives. Ayaan says he heard about Anu from Suraj and says he is confused to her husband. Kapoor says disha and Arav are his life and he does not want to lose them. Ayan says he will prepare papers soon. Kapoor says he always considered him as a son and trusts him. He asks him to ask whatever he needs and he will not deny it.

Precap: Disha asks Ayaan is it necessary for minors to stay with guardian. He says yes until they reach 18. Ram’s jail mate asks him to call his children. Ram calls Kapoor’s landline, but nobody picks his call.

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