Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 13th May 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Neil and Ragini s romance. Ragini in Neil s arms says it is morning and she did not realize when night vanished. He says uncle/aunty told right, heart s talk can be told only to dear ones. Agam and Suhani on the other side enjoy video game with badi naani.

Neil drives back home with Ragini to drop her home. She says she wants to have corn. He asks if she is still hungry. She says she wants to relive her memories and enjoys corn. They get back into car and he says she is eating so much, but he is full. She says even she is full, but her heart is hungry. She loves junk food. She stops again seeing another junk food.

A man gets out of airport, calls someone and tells in a few minutes someone s drama curtains will be out.

Ragini and Neil reach home. Agam and Suhani taunt them. Naani comes and invites them for breakfast. He says Pam must be waiting for her. Agam asks how can they miss naani s food. Ragini asks Neil to sit as even children are insisting. Neil agrees. Agam and Suhani tell their will serve them. Gol maal hai…song…plays in the background.

Arav comes back to locality and meets his friend who gives him client s cheque. Arav sees 2 months PDC and asks how will they manage. Friend says it is client s policy and asks if he should accept order or not. Arav says he can as they will get money afte4 2 months at least. He reaches home. Agam says they just finished food. Arav says he finished food and is tired, so will go home. Ragini says Neil Arav is a bit moody and gets sad easily. Agam and Suhani tell they are ready now. Neil takes them from there.

Neil takes Agam and Suhani to Karan s restaurant. RK and Karan ask him how was his Pune trip. He says it was good and he enjoyed giving speech in seminar. RK asks he is asking about Ragini. Neil says they were busy in their meetings and did not meet much. RK takes him to bar and Neil discusses with him about throwing a party to Ragini. Pam comes there with Nivedita and while ordering food sees them talking and thinks of know what they are up to, but Karan intervenes and makes her sit on chair.

Ragini in her home reminisces Ranbir s chilhood and Neil getting her sari on Ranbir s birthday as it is also her birthday, etc. and gets sad. Neil calls her to wish her happy birthday. She gets emotional and says she used to look at her phone every year at 12 a.m. and get sad. He says he is now with her and cannot stay without her now. She says even she cannot stay without him. He says he will sets things right and has thrown a party for her. she asks if he planned something big. He says he just arranged cake at Karan s dhaba. Agam sees Neil talking to Ragini over phone and tells Suhani that dad is planning something big for Ragini. Pam also hears Neil and hears about his party for Ragini.

Neil reaches Karan s dhaba. Karan orders his staff not to entertain any customers after 6 p.m. as he has a family party. Neil calls Ragini and asks her to reach hotel on time.

Precap: Babu don warns Arav to return his money within 24 hours. Shilpa gets afraid seeing Ranbir pointing gun on her.

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