Sasuraal Simar Ka 14th May 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Rajveer gives some good offers to all the businessmen and guests in the party. They all join his side. Rajveer says whats wrong? do you want to say anything else bharadwajs? Mausi ji says this world is so selfish, people leave their family for money. Rajveer says everyone is selfish, even your family. Sattu.. am i right? everyone is shocked. sattu says yes. Mata ji and simar are dazed. Rajveer says shally? sankalp? simar says what are you doin sattu bhaiya? uma says don’t stop him simar. Roli says they want to break our family. Pari says to shallu keep moving forward, don’t look back. uma says sattu don’t stop, think about future of your kids. roli says everything will be okay. sattu says don’t stop us please. i am sure being on that side will get out kids food for two times, pardon me but i can’t see them hungry. They all go and stand on Rajveer’s side. Rajhinder says there was some shortcoming in our upbringing. that is why we have to face this day. Mata ji goes to her room without saying anything.

Mata ji says in heart i am sorry daddu ji i couldn’t handle my family. Our family has shattered and i couldn’t do anything. Simar comes in. mata ji says what has happened? Simr says dont break yourself. We will make it all better don’t give up like this. Mata ji says when there are cracks in walls, they collapse. same has happened with our family. I was always proud of my family. my kids showed me the mirror today. I can’t believe my blood can be so selfish. simar says sattu was helpless.mata ji says you have kids as well, you didn’t take the same decision. why didn’t they do it? Simar says i am handling this situation with so much trouble. please don’t cry. mata ji says let me cry, my kids have killed me today. the ones who were my strength have weakened me. I wasn’t scared when rajveer took everything from me because my family was with me. These money, property doesn’t matter. i have lost my real wealth today. simar says please calm down. Simar says please maa papa console her. roli comes in and says please don’t cry like this. sujata says we will find a way. Prem says i have never seen mata ji like this before i am responsible for all this. mausi ji says if you are done with your emotional drama shall we come in? mausi ji says this is the largest room of this house, the room of owner. So i am the owner now, you have to leave this room. The owner should have keys in her hand i think. mata ji gives the jeys to simar and simar gives it to mausi ji. mausi ji says i wont take it from you. The old owner should give it to the new one. Mata ji handovers the keys to mausi ji. Mausi ji says this is your problem, you freeze wherever you stand. I have to talk to my son and i wont talk in front of servants. get out now. They all go out of the room. mausi ji says i wont let you take anything from this room, you can take one thing from here. Mata ji take daddu ji’s photo. Mausi ji says second largest room is yours simar, you have to leave it as well. my son will live there from today. Mausi ji says dont stare like this, you call all live in the guest room, simar takes mata ji with her.

Mausi ji smiles with the keys, she looks at the locker and opens it. The locker has all the jewelry in it. Amar looks in. Rajveer gives her the file and says these are propert papers keep them safe. Mausi ji places it in the locker and lock it. Amar says these papers made him the master of all, if he doesn’t have these papers he will be nothing.

Precap-servant put something on rajveer. Mausi ji says sattu clean rajveer’s shoes. sattu does it.

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