Satrangi Sasural 14th May 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan s residence
Arushi comes home to find girish reprimanding kasturi, and without further thinking, she slaps him. Then kasturi clarifies tht he was angry as she hadnt taken the emds. She apologises to girish, while he teases arushi. then while girish goes to make tea, they tell arushi, how he is a changed man. She is happy. She and girish wish each other best, for the interview and the first day of office the next day. She says that she shall talk to vihaan for girish s job, while kasturi vgehemently denies, asking her not to overly involve herself in this family, as her priority is vihaan s family and she shouldnt compromise on that at all. Arushi complies. then arushi leaves.

The next morning, girish is given curd and sugar by kasturi, who wishes him well, and then gives some to mili too as she leaves for school with him. They both leave, while two men on a bike, eye him, and then identify him, and begin to follow. girish drops mili to school, and then comes face to face with those two men. he is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan s residence
Vihaan wakes up not to find arushi having left clues for him, to get dressed for jogging and then exercise. he smilingly complies. At the breakfast table, arushi prepares everyone s favourite dish, it being her day, and then also gets them to video chat with nilima, which they happily do. they are amazed to find that she also sent nilima the same breakfast that she made for them, through Manohar. They all compliment and applaud her for the wonderful and thoughtful gesture. They ask about vihaan, and are shocked to find that he is out jogging on his wife s order. All have a hearty laugh. Mini comes out to find vihaan working out, while she takes the full chance to tease vihaan, about following his wife. they begin to exercise together. mini says tht she too misses the morning walks with him. he asks why doesnt she join Vatsala, as she would be particularly helpful in sales. He says that arushi brought everyone back to life, and given a new hope to everyone. mini smiles at him. He says that arushi brought out the latent philosophy of life in everyone. he expresses his faith in her and her potential, and gives a wonderful lecture about it. She teases him about it. he says that he shall meet her later, as she is getting late for office and then rushes inside.

Inside, Vihaan comes back jogging, refreshed, and then says that he wants to have his breakfast in his room, by her hand. she smilingly complies. He says there s another bet, and then whispers something naughty in her ear. he then rushes to his room. Priyanka finds arushi, ready with the breakfast plate, while she announces that she is leaving for the office, and asks whats she still doing here. Priyanka stoically asks her to respect the importance of time, as she wont tolerate unpunctuality, in her staff, and hopes that she isnt one of them. Arushi is scared and complies. Priyanka asks arushi to report on time, or else dont bother to even come. she leaves. Arushi wonders how would she manage so many chores in just half an hour. Arushi is tensed. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Priyanka gathers everyone together, and vihaan wishes her congratulations on her first day. But she angrily calls the guard, and asks when it was her strict instructions that noone should report after 10:10 without her permission, then why was arushi allowed to get in. Arushi and vihaan stand tensed.

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