Manmarziyan 14th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arjun praising Samrat and impressing him and Sam. He says he is advertising Guru and a genius. He says Samrat Khanna, the legend. Everyone clap for Samrat. Samrat thanks everyone. Arjun says he will tell how Samrat became a rockstar and tells his history, when he went in hotel and saw a big company making campaign, and he made the tagline instantly and birdsong got the ad and asks Samrat does he remember. Samrat says yes and says it. Arjun says he is a brilliant piano player, I know everything about you, I m your fan.

Samrat says no, I forgot to play since years. Arjun asks Piyali to request Samrat and asks her fav song. Samrat says no. Sam asks him to come. Samrat says I have forgotten all this. Sam says Arjun said right, few things are not forgotten. Radhika says she is getting late and asks Tejh to get up. She says take care of him, I will leave, I m late. Kritika says who will drop him. Radhika says you guys drop him. Zubin says I can t drop him alone, how should I drive. He asks Radhika to come along, he will drop Tejh and then Radhika.

Samrat plays the piano. Sam smiles and recalls her childhood when Samrat used to play piano. Samrat enjoys playing it and sing Nayi nahi hai ye baatein……………….Arjun recalls he was with them in his childhood, standing all alone and upset watching Khanna family rejoice. Sam asks him to come. Arjun gets jerk by someone and still moves off his place. He looks at Sam and goes to Bonnie. He dances with her.

Neil asks Sam what was Arjun doing with her upstairs. Sam says see Neil, Pa is so happy, like Arjun s words gave him new energy. She smiles seeing him. Radhika calls Sharmila and says she will be late. Sharmila gets angry and ends the call. Radhika asks Tejh to get up, they have to go. She goes to see Kritika and Zubin.

Sam dances with Neil. Mrs. Chadda says its good to see Samrat happy. Arjun did this. The partners change and Sam comes towards Arjun. Radhika comes in between to call Kritika, and Arjun holds her to dance with her and make Sam jealous. Radhika says Sir I have to go, its very late. Neil observes Arjun ignoring Sam intentionally. Sam gets angry and leaves from there. Arjun leaves Radhika.

Kritika and Zubin tell how they set Radhika. Sam says I don t want to hear anything about her and leaves. Kritika says we will leave Radhika somewhere in this big city. Neil asks Radhika what happened. Radhika cries. He asks why is she crying. Sam gets teary eyed and hears Samrat happy. Arjun comes to her and smiles. Neil sees Tejh drunk and tries to wake him. Zubin sees Radhika getting Neil. Neil asks them to come and help. Kritika says we were finding Radhika to drop her home. He asks Neil to help and make Tejh sit in the car, and they lift Tejh.

Arjun holds Sam s hand and says your nose looks cross in anger. She asks him to leave her hand. He draws her closer. She says dance without music. He says music should be felt by heart, not by songs. Neil puts Tejh in car and asks them to take it. Neil gets doubt on Kritika and Zubin, and asks Radhika to wait, he will get Sam and they will leave together.

Arjun and Sam dance. Music plays………… Arjun kisses her hand. She says thanks for getting Pa in party. He says don t thank so soon, there are many things left. She hugs him. Neil looks on being shocked.

Neil asks Sam to choose between him and Arjun. Sharmila gives Radhika her bags and asks her to go. Radhika cries and even Sam gets upset.

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