Doli Armaanon Ki 14th May 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Chawl
Urmi and ishaan spot him, but by the time they reach the location, they find the lab technician gone. They are extremely upset. Back home, they are highly tensed as to what to do now, and how they feel shaurya s lfie is threatened. urmi and samrat decide that till they dont find out who gave shaurya those meds, they shall keep him with gaurav only. Anirudh, passing by, overhears this, and is extremely worried. He asks whats the matter. Ishaan hesitates and tries to distract, but urmi narrates everything. Anirudh is tensed too. shashi too stealthily overhears all this.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Samrat is infuriated with tani s questioning, abouyt their romasntic life Goa, taking him by the leash. But he manages to distract her every singhle time with a made up romantic story. They leave for the airport. On the way, tani asks samrat, for icecream. he frustratedly gets down. Just then, Shashi calls and tells samrat all of this, as to how she overheard that they are doing all this, since they sense danger to shaurya s life. Samrat wonders tensedly that urmi shouldnt get to know that he got shaurya s reports tampered, and wonders whats urmi upto now. Hed decides that they have o cancel gosa, and tells this to tani, who s enraged. He says that he cant be guilty of making her leave her best friend s marriage, But she says that she gave a false excuse that samrat s father died, and he is shocked, and pretends to be deeply hurt by this.

Scene 3:
Location: Ishaan s residence
A suspicious person comes in, posing as a telecom technician to check the working of landlines. They are boggled, but comply when he says that its a routine checkup. He gets to work. Urmi gives sandhya the money, while she is happy. Shashi, unable to resist makes a comment, about wasting money. Agaian a verbal scuffle ensues. The person is too curious and takes in everything. Shashi scolds her, while urmi asks her to stazy out of it. Shashi then reprimands urmi, but sandhya says that she shouldnt say a word against urmi now. Damini is surprised. Urmi asks sandhya to let be, as its her habit. The technician finishes his work and leaves. sandhya meanwhile thanks urmi.

Scene 4:
Location: Isolated location
jamesa has a letter ready for dispatch, when the same technician comes, and gives him the good news, that two women, urmi and damini dont like samrat. He tells about urmi s intro to james. he thinks that this letter was to go to tani, but now it shall go to urmi, so that samrat gets a lightening jolt. He says that now they shall use urmi as a time bomb. The screen freezes on his guffawing face.

Precap: rani tells urmi, who is working in the kitchen, that an envelope came for her, which she kept in her room. Shashi overhears this and tells this to samrat. shashi tells samrat that an envelope came for urmi, with confidential written on it. samrat rushes to her room, worried, and then finds it. He begins to eye the pics, oblivious that ishaan and urmi are walking towards the room just then, tensed and discussing the current situation. Samrat finally turns around to see who has come in

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