Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Season 2 15th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Astha recalling Shlok. Shlok sees her pic in phone and thinks about her. Astha stands in window and thinks about him and his strong love for Astha. He thinks the time spent with her is special and given him courage, he misses her. Its morning, Indrajeet gets ready and talks to Barkha. Apsara gives him tea. Indrajeet says he has a surprise for Barkha, its their 10th anniversary next month and he will make her wish true, as she wanted to marry him again after 10 years in grand way.

He says when we married, we did court marriage and you wanted traditional marriage, and I could not do, as I did not have money at that time, now I want to fulfill your wish. Apsara hears their conversation. Astha says it will look odd. He says this was your wish, I have always fulfilled every wish and want to relive all those moments and make seven vows, I want to make the moment very beautiful, this will be my gift for our 10th marriage anniversary, I want to make it very grand. He holds her hand and asks her will she marry him. She gets thinking.

He asks is she not happy. She says nothing like that. He says I have hired a wedding planner, we just have to enjoy the marriage, unfortunately you don t have our last marriage memories, so you will have this marriage memories. Shlok tells Surbhi that he loves Astha even more now, as he used to fight with her before. I loved her but did not valued her much, now I know her importance in my life. She says I know, sometimes distance increases love.

He says I want everything to be fine and Astha come back to me. I feel strong when she is with me, I just hope I get my Astha back. Apsara tries informing Shlok ad sees Indrajeet. He sees her on phone and says Madam did not keep you to talk on mobile and sends her. Surbhi tells Shlok that he has one way now. Shlok asks which way, I did everything, but her memory is not coming. She says I know you worked hard, but still there is a way, when we feel we did everything, we have one way, don t give up hope.

He says I don t know what to do. She asks him to get friendly with Astha, its best way to get close to her, and you said all misunderstandings got cleared after the jungle trip, make her remember all the past and explain her that you are true, then she will recall all moments spent with you, indirectly. He says fine, I will try to meet her today and try to become friends.

Chowksi says this time you need solid reason to meet her. Surbhi says tell me the updates, I need to go on duty now, and leaves for hospital. Indrajeet says Barkha you can choose any card, my happiness is in your happiness, why is she sad. She says I don t know why I m restless, whats the need to marry again, I m happy with you and I m orthodox, once marriage happened then no need to marry again. He says he is doing this for her dream, he felt she will get happy and she is…. He acts annoyed and leaves. She says he is doing this for my happiness and I m… what happened to me.

Indrajeet thinks he has to control his anger, as he has to be good in Astha s eyes like an ideal husband. He sees Astha in his laptop screen and starts acting. He cancels the card and says he will not come to see mandap, he cancels everything saying personal reasons. He tells her that he will explain kids and not do the arrangements. She says no, you and kids are imp for me, I don t know why I m behaving this way. He says its okay, I have cancelled everything. She says no need, she will marry him again. He says she made him happy and hugs her, thinking he has to share this happiness with someone. He says he will make this marriage memorable for you, I will go office and then we will see mandap, come directly there with driver. He leaves.

She says Indrajeet and kids are happy, so I m happy, its for my happiness but why am I restless and unhappy. Chowski tells Shlok that he should propose Astha for friendship. Sojal says yes, she can t refuse, we can make her recall everything by small things. They hear the band sound and some people play band and come inside. They get puzzled. Indrajeet comes there with sweets and taunts Shlok.

He says this is the dhol of his victory and Shlok s failure. Shlok asks him to stop nonsense and tell why he came. Indrajeet says fine, and says there is a good news for you. He gives him sweets. Shlok asks what good news. Indrajeet says I m marrying after 15 days, with your Astha. Shlok is stunned. Sojal and Chowksi too get shocked. Indrajeet says actually this is our 10th wedding anniversary, Astha chose the wedding invitation card too, I will send you, you come in your wife s marriage. Shlok shouts. Indrajeet says don t shout and gets equally angry. He says it seems you have run out of options, you have 15 days to try your luck, if you lose, come in marriage, happiness increase on sharing. He says I have to decide venue of marriage, even you would like to know, I will send you the pictures. He smiles and leaves. Shlok fumes.

Astha s hand burns and Shlok goes to take care of her. He applies ointment to her hand. She looks at him. Khuda.,……………plays………………

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