Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th May 2015 Written Episode

Yuvraaj says he hired Leela, she is good and she will bring them out of mess. Pratima says she left the job, she resigned, check with Dadi. He says so what, we can get any new manager, I promise I will not miss this chance. He leaves. Suhani says he will get managers, but not work himself. Pratima says I have an idea. Menka tells Rags that she found everywhere but safe is not here. Rags says you did so late that aunty had doubt. Suhani is so smart, where did she hide the safe. Pratima tells Suhani that she has hidden the safe in storeroom, I knew Dadi will check in my room and I did not wish your plan to get ruined. Suhani thanks and hugs her.

Pratima says she is scared. She asks her not to be afraid, she will make everything fine. Its morning, Menka says what happened to light, its so hot. Saurabh asks Ramesh did he not pay electricity bill. Ramesh says he did not have the bill. Dadi comes and asks what happened. Yuvraaj sees Suhani and asks why is she disturbing everyone, she can talk to him. She asks what did I do. He asks how did light go. She says I took Belan and broke all bulbs. He asks her to say right and asks how did power go. She says I don t know.

Pratima says I will call electricity board and calls. She asks is there any fault, power went here. The man says power is cut on your saying. Pratima signs Suhani. Dadi says how dare they cut our connection, I will make a call and get them transferred. Pratima says we did not pay one month bill. Dadi asks why. Yuvraaj says Saxena used to do this work, and he will get this confirmed. Suhani says our cards were blocked, so maybe due date passed. Rags says how will the light problem get solved.

She says he has to go to electricity bill payment centre and pay by cash, as due date passed. Yuvraaj says we don t have cash. Saurabh asks Rags to give her bangle. She asks him to sell his watch. He says mum gave me this. Sharad gives some money to Yuvraaj. Dadi asks Yuvraaj to go and pay it, and she will repay after everything gets fine. Yuvraaj says we will see fuse once. Pratima worries and says Ramesh will check. Suhani thanks her.

Soumya talks to Suhani and says she is arranging for Rakhi s function. Suhani says she has cut power at home today and want them to start working. Soumya says all the best. Suhani says thanks. She turns and sees someone. Soumya fixes flowers and slips. She shouts and Krishna holds her. Music plays………. The flowers fall on them. She says thanks. He says lights are good. They smile. Lalita sees them and asks will Yuvraaj pay for these lights. Suhani sees Yuvraaj. He asks with whom was she talking. She says Soumya. He asks is everything well there. She says yes, she is working alone for Rakhi s function, you know Lalita. His eye gets hurt. She says sorry, and blows in his eye. Saware……………plays…………….He apologizes for doubting on her, its my mistake. He leaves.

Rest comming soon.

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