Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mihir saying some fake company details to Ishita. She asks him to get more details by it. Mihir says its on Parmeet s name. She says its proved that he is fraud, he can go to jail for this. Romi says she is amazing. She says I will be seen more amazing, wait. She calls Parmeet and says she is coming to meet him. She comes to Parmeet with a briefcase. He welcomes her and smiles as she came walking and got money. She asks him to sign. He says I will count the money and then sign. She makes him sign first and then gives the briefcase. He says its heavy, lets see how 60 lakhs look.

He opens it and asks whats this files, where is money. She says you took money from Ashok, that s copy of your fraud, which can make you land in jail. He says she cheated him and tries to take back papers by raising hand on her. Abhishek comes in between, holds his hand and beats Parmeet. Mihir, Romi and Mihika brings police. Abhishek scolds Parmeet and arrests him. Parmeet says I will see you. Abhishek says this time, you got the right man caught. Mihika smiles. Ishita says our Simmi got freed.

Ishita comes home. Mrs. Bhalla is glad seeing her walk on her feet and hugs her. Ishita says I m feeling glad. She says doctor told me to wear shoes for few days. Mrs. Bhalla asks is everything fine. Ishita says yes, and says Parmeet signed the divorce papers. Mrs. Bhalla hugs her happily. Ishita says our Simmi got free. Mrs. Bhalla says you are our daughter, you proved this and calls everyone to see what she got. She says Parmeet signed on divorce papers. Simmi cries seeing it.

Ishita consoles her and says if any part of our body is rotten, then we have to cut it and throw, now there will be no bad shadow on you. Simmi says how will I pay for this favor. Ishita asks for diamond ring and they laugh. Simmi thanks her and hugs her. They say they need a party. Ishita says but without Raman… They tease her. She says fine, we will go.

Raman reaches Delhi and talks on phone. He says no one at home knows, I will surprise them. He thinks of Ishita. Adi and Ruhi have a talk. Simmi misses Raman. Ishita says he is coming, he will reach tomorrow. They get glad. Mr. Bhalla says take party from him tomorrow. Ishita says we have to keep formal dinner with Subbu s family. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, Madrasi are increasing in this family. Mihir asks them to come.

Raman reaches and sees his family in parking. He sees them going out and gets happy seeing Ishita walking. He says without wheelchair and smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays………… he says atleast said I love you meeting eyes, I will go by backside gate, no one will know. He says now it will be fun, she will come to take her purse and will be surprised. Amma sees him and shouts Raman…. Raman asks her to be quiet, he has to give surprise to Ishita, she is coming, calm down. Amma says only I know this. He says nothing changed, all Madrasans are still mad.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to call Neelu to get purse. Ishita calls Neelu. Raman gets inside the house and throws spoon to divert Neelu. He rushes inside the room. He says if I keep bag here, Ishita will see. He hides the bag behind curtain and thinks where should I hide. He gets inside the cupboard and hears footsteps. Its Neelu. He thinks now she will open the cupboard. Neelu gets the purse from the bed and comes near the cupboard.

She sees the keys hanging and thinks Ishita did not lock it, I will lock it, else she will scold me later. Raman gets shocked. Neelu gets call and says yes, I took your purse and also the keys. He calls out for Neelu and knocks the cupboard door. He says I got stuck here for Ishita. Amma asks Neelu did she get Raman s call. Raman says why will I get. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to go to her relative. Raman asks anyone to help. He removes his coat feeling hot.

Everyone come for dinner. Simmi says Raman should have been here, as Ishita is not able to eat anything. Raman asks anyone to open the cupboard. Mrs. Bhalla says it will be surprise for Raman to see Ishita walking. Amma smiles.

Rest comming soon.

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