Sasuraal Simar Ka 15th May 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Pari says we have to become servants in our own home. Uma says what else can we do? Mausi ji comes downstairs along with rajveer. She says sattu go and do the work. She welcomes all the guests. She says you have only one boss from now and that is rajveer. rest are all servants. She asks sattu to serve them sweets. Mausi ji says you have to come in this date sattu work fast.

Sattu put something on rajveer’s shoes. Mausi ji says he has just become seervant he will learn slowly. sattu will clean your shoes don’t worry. Uma says please don’t do this mausi ji. i beg you he can’t do this. sattu says no please. He takes out a handkerchief and sits down to clean the shoes. He cleans the shoes. Prem says stop it rajveer. Pari says to prem if we say anything they will not give anything to our kids. leaves us on whatever we are doing.

calendar says once we get the naagmaani we will make them our servants. Amar says i feel so sorry for them. they gave us so much love and we are not helping them. Calendar says i think you have a solid idea. amar says mausi ji has kept all property papers in locker. She has the keys in her hands. we have to get those papers. Calendar says how will we get the keys? amar says there is an idea. Calendar goes towards mausi ji, aryan stops him. he says where are you going? calendar says i am going to eat i am hungry. he says sorry and collides with calendar. rajveer says he is the joker let him stay here. there should be someone for entertainment of guests. He asks calendar to do dance everyone laughs.

Calendar says i like samosay can i have one? He takes the dish and puts on mausi ji. the ketys slip from mausi ji’s hand. amar turns the lights off and calendar swaps the keys.

Scene 2
Calendar and amar come to mausi ji’s room and try to open the locker. amar finds the papers, rajveer says amar look back please. amar and calendar are scared and dazed. he is making a video. rajveer says you look like hero amar, go work in movies with you joker. you name shall be written in golden words. Because i have shoot the live video of you stealing and everyone will watch it now.

Rajveer comes downstairs with amar and calendar. Mausi ji says they think they can steal my keys and get the files. we are much more genius than you. she calls inspector, she says please come. there were to stealers. Calendar says we were not stealing. rajveer says we saw amar watching us while we were placing the papers in locker. now we will shall lodge an FIR. Roli says you can’t do this. rajveer says we will do this. they are both going to be in jail forever. amar says you are trying to scare me? Rajveer says not really i am giving you chance. either go from this city with your joker. amar says do what you want. this is my family as well and i wont leave my family. Simar says no amr you should go from here. prem says because of us you shouldn’t risk your life amar go from here. Amar says what are you saying? mata ji says amar if i am really your mata ji then please go from here. amr says don’t make me an outsider. I will do as you ask me. if you want me to go then we will go. he leaves with calendar.

Precap-Rajveer says i can give you everything back prem. but you have to face a challenge. A man in white clothes comes out.

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