Manmarziyan 15th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Neil leaving after seeing Sam and Arjun hugging. Sam looks at Arjun and leaves. Kritika asks Radhika to leave with Tejh, else she will get more late. Samrat says this one is for you Piyali to revive some old memories. Piyali recalls their past and also Jai. She recalls Jai s death and gets angry. She leaves. Samrat sees her and stops playing. He goes after her. Piyali cries. Samrat asks what happened. She throws the things. Sam looks on. Piyali asks how will he revive the old memories, where is Jai, you used to play that tune with him, did you not recall that he is dead. Sam cries.

He says some moments don t leave you, I taught him to walk and did last rites of him. He cries. Sam says you forgot this when you have forgiven Sam. He says its not Sam s mistake. She says its Sam s mistake, she did the accident and killed my son. She says I will not forgive her, I hate her. Sam hears this and cries. She leaves from there and comes to Jai s room. She sees his pics, medals and recalls Jai.

Arjun comes there and sees her crying. He holds her. She shows Jai s pic. She hugs him and cries. She goes out in the party. Neil sees her coming with Arjun. Sam thanks Arjun and goes to Neil. She says she has to go home. Tejh vomits on the way. Radhika asks when will they reach his home. Zubin says in some time. He says give your mobile and bag here, else it will be bad. He says he is confused about the way and asks her to ask anyone, he will park the car ahead. Radhika says fine and goes to ask. He races the car and leaves. She asks the way and goes to see.

Neil and Sam are on the way to home. Bonnie tells Arjun that he wanted to make Neil and Sam away, and they left together. Radhika does not find Zubin anywhere and gets worried. She sits there and cries. Neil is annoyed with Sam. Sam recalls Piyali s words. Neil asks what happened. Sam says nothing, I don t want to talk. He asks when, its too personal. He asks about Arjun.

He asks is Arjun her BF. She says I don t want to talk. He says I want to talk now, whats going on with Arjun. She says I have big problems in my life than Arjun. He says fine, but he is personal, can t you tell me, but you can tell everything to Arjun and can take him to convince your dad, I m actual an idiot, you told me to keep you away from him and then you went to him. He says I m your friend and always supported you, I have full right to know everything. She says few things are such, that no one has right to know.

Neil says sometimes you make me friend and then a stranger, I don t want your friendship, we will talk now or never. She says she is not in mood to fight. He says if she has to stay here, she has to tell him everything. She gets teary eyed. She says she will go. Neil asks where, to Arjun, this time I will not come to you, you take a call, me or Arjun. He says he does not understand if she can tell Arjun, then why not him, he is more imp to her than him. He cries and leaves. Sam cries too.

Radhika comes home and asks Madan for some money, as taxi is standing. Sharmila gives her bag and asks her to go from where she came. Radhika says please open the door, I m sorry aunty. Sam packs her bag. Neil looks on. Radhika cries and leaves. Sam leaves Neil s home. Neil sees her going. Radhika takes her bag and comes on the road. Jitne the apne jaise the paraye sab hogaye…………….. plays……….. Sam tries to take an auto. Radhika recalls her family. Sam and Radhika sit crying.

Radhika pays the taxi driver. He asks should he drop her somewhere else. She says no and sits there outside the gate. Madan says its not good to send her at night. Sharmila says is it good to come so late. Madan says she learnt a lesson, we will call her now and send her in morning, if anything happens, we have to answer Dilip. She says fine, but she has to leave in morning. He calls Radhika. Zubin checks her phone and does not pick. Sharmila says she got a chance to stay out at night, why will she pick the phone. Manmarziyan…………….plays……………….. Radhika and Sam cry.

Arjun says I will give a house to Sam, as she needs it. He tells Kaka that no one can stop him from reaching Sam. Arjun comes to Sam. Radhika is stopped by some goons and gets tensed.

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