Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 15th May 2015 Written Episode

The episode begins with, seeing nisha and sumit fighting, kabir rushes upstairs to help nisha, while the argument nisha falls and hangs on the scaffolding, hearing kabirs voice,sumit runsaway, kabir tries to help nisha, viraj reaches there and see nisha hanging and kabir leaning,viraj runs to help nisha as well, nishas hand slips and falls down,viraj reaches the top and sees nisha fallen down,kabir rushes down, viraj sees the jwellery bag and takes It along with him.kabir goes to nisha and sees she is bleeding,kabir says nisha I wont let anything happen to u,viraj reaches there,kabir says I am sorry nisha,viraj and kabir put nisha in virajs car and take her h
Kabir is on backsit with nisha,laxmi is tensed in house, ramesh comes tensed and in tears and looks at laxmi and nods head.nisha in hospital,kabir is holding her hand and viraj is standing beside checks nisha and says nishas condition is bad and we need to operate her,viraj says doctor is she very serious, doctor says we need to operate her first and then tell, viraj says doc plz save her.
Kabir is sitting out and is missing nisha and memorises time spent with her,the wedding day,how she gave him bread jam and then how he couldn t save her,kabir says I am sorry nisha god plz save her, this is all bcoz of me that nisha is in this state,kabir is crying and says god why punish nisha, plz don t hurt her plz.nurse asks kabir to fill form for nishas operation, gangwals reach hosp, ramesh asks where is nisha,nisha is brought out on stretcher she is unconsious, laxmi says don t worry nisha all will be fine,doc takes her in operation theater.

Dadai is crying,dadaji says someone call hosp and see,umesh comes and says I spoke to hosp and nisha is being treated properly plz don t take tension,aman says umesh good u came,umesh says I know all not now take care of dadaji and dadi,jwala comes and hugs umesh and starts crying,umesh says stupid don t cry ur nishu bro doesn t like it,dolly sees sumit upstairs on phone,umesh sees him and gets angry,dolly goes upstairs,leela sees this.
Laxmi is crying and says save my daughter, suku says kabir how could u do this to nisha,virendra says let nisha get better and then I will show u,kabir says I did nothing,ramesh says nisha trusted u and u did this to her,kabir says I did nothing,ramesh says I want no explanation from u, why did u do this to nisha u couldn t take care of my daughter, kabir says plz trust me I did nothing,suku gets angry.

Dolly goes to sumit,and slaps him,and says this down how could u do this to nisha,sumit says I didn t do anything,dolly says I was wrong that u will be good one day,but bcoz of u see where my sister is and now I will tell ur truth to everyone,sumit says plz dolly don t do this listen to me, sumit says I didn t do this I wasn t there ,dolly says I wont trust u anymore, u are a bad character person and I will give u no chance, sumit says I didn t do anything to nisha,dolly says I am ashamed of u,leela comes and says enough dolly don t cross ur lines don t blame ur husband, dolly says from the day u and ur son are here my family has lost peace,leela says enough dolly look down see ur family down crying and u here fighting how bad,dolly rushes down,leela says sumit,sumit says mom I lost all jwellery,leela says fool why didn t u bring the bag,sumit says nisha has also recorded everything and in argument she fell down,leela says I will take care of dolly here u go find phone.
Kabir says viraj thanku for help,bcoz of u I could bring nisha to hospital,viraj says I did this only for nisha and so I need ur no thanku,nisha is my life,kabir says this thanku is from nisha,kabir says I went for sumit there and he pushed nisha I hope I could have done something to save her,and I will have to repay all by catching sumit and u can help me in catching sumit ,plz for nisha help me in catching sumit who put nisha in this state,viraj says u liar I saw it was u and sumit wasn t there so u pushed nisha.
Preacap:viraj tells police and gangwals that sumit wasn t there at all and it was kabir who pushed nisha,kabir tries to tell but police arrest him.

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