Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Season 2 16th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Indrajeet taunting Shlok and leaving. Shlok says this can t happen, I have to stop him. Chowksi says we have to think and plan. Sojal says he is going to show mandap to Astha, so I will tell you what to do. Shlok asks Chowksi to find out. Indrajeet and Astha come to see a mandap. Chowksi keeps an eye on them. Astha looks around. A lady scolds her bahu and says some statements like Anjali told Astha. She gets some glimpses. Astha thinks she feels as if someone told her this.

Indrajeet tells Astha that he likes this. She says she feels this very know, I don t know why, I like this, keep this mandap and decorations. He says sure, you sit in the car, I will finish the formalities. He asks the man to keep mandap same and no golden curtains and flowers. Shlok talks to Chowksi. Indrajeet comes to Astha and says he has imp meeting, he will drop her. He gets a call and says clients reached there, you go home with the driver. He asks him to be careful and take her home. He takes taxi and leaves.

A boy comes infront of the car riding a cycle and falls. He gets unconscious. The people start beating the driver. Shlok looks on and says the boy was coming from wrong side, let me see him. Shlok comes and says the kid should reach the hospital, and takes the kid fast. Astha says I have car, we will go by car, we can reach soon. Shlok and Astha take him to hospital.

The doctor says kid is very hurt, take him inside, I will check him. Sojal comes to know Shlok went with Astha to take a kid to hospital. Sojal says I will rush there and Rekha stops her. Astha says she will pay the bill and asks doctor to save the kid. The doctor asks her not to panic and he will do his work. He asks Shlok to get medicines. He asks Astha to wait outside, he will call her when kid gets conscious. She thinks don t let anything happen to this kid, what will I tell his parents, save him.

Shlok asks the nurse to give best treatment to the kid, he will pay the bill. He cares for the boy. Astha looks on. She thinks why is Shlok behaving weird, I m with him, and he is ignoring me. Shlok brings coffee for her. She says thanks, I needed this. He thinks I know well what you need and when. He stands away and drinks the coffee. The coffee falls on her and he rushes to get the ointment. He applies it and cares for her. Astha looks at him. He goes away and sits. Khuda……………plays………….. He looks at her.

The police comes there and asks her about the accident. She says its my car, but I was not driving, my driver was driving. He says she is putting blame on driver, this happens these days, come with us to police station. Shlok says why will she come, she said she did not drive the car, she got the kid to hospital, she would have run from there. He says he is Shlok Agnihotri, and he has seen the kid coming wrong way, he can ask him too.

They go to ask the boy as he gets conscious. Indrajeet gets the meeting done well and clients leave. He says I should talk to Barkha, I should have not let her alone. He calls her and is unable to talk. The boy says it was my mistake, I was going wrong side as I had bet with my friends, I was driving fast and got bumped into her car. She gets Indrajeet s call. The inspector apologizes. She says its fine, I know you were doing your duty. He says I informed the kid s parents, they will come. The kid apologizes to Shlok and Astha.

The doctor requests them to stay here till his parents come, as kid is scared. Astha wants to talk to Shlok. The parents come crying and thank Shlok. The lady blesses him. Shlok says he is fine, don t cry. The lady wishes Lord fulfills all his wishes. Shlok wishes to get Astha, and he needs nothing. He says she also helped me. The man thanks them. Shlok says they can meet their son. Shlok pays the bill. Astha looks on.

She thinks what happened to him, why is he ignoring, its good, maybe he got sense to stay away, he looks rude from face, Akdu is nice name, I will call him. She calls Indrajeet and says she is reaching home. She walks infront of a car. Shlok saves her and she scolds him for touching her, and says he can never change. Shlok leaves. A man says is she mad, that man saved your life from accident, you scolded him, you would have met with an accident, weird girl. She says what did I do and feels bad seeing Shlok go away.

Indrajeet asks her where was she. She says she was in hospital. Shlok calls Indrajeet and asks did his wife reach home well and makes him angry.

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