Sasuraal Simar Ka 16th May 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Rajveer says if amar stayed here he would have kept them strong. We have to weaken them. if amar stayed he would encourage them to do something. I saw in his eyes that he wanted to help them but I threw him out. Mausi ji says but he has only left this house not the family. Rajveer says what is goin to happen is that no one had ever imagined.

mata ji says amar was like our son. He was our strength and always fought with us. Today i has to ask him to leave. Simar says mata ji don t be sad. I know that this all will end soon. Roli says when? everything is over. Simar says don t give up. God is testing us. Rajveer says the happiness sun will set for bahardwajs now. I this cu their relationships. and everything will be over for them, Simar says we have to fight this was with unity. Mausi ji says we have to tell him no matter how much he tries we wont let the name of our family drown.

Scene 2
Next morning, prem comes and sees sattu and shallu dusting the shelves. He recalls sattu cleaning rajveer s shoes and how amar was humiliated. Rajveer comes and says life tests you in many ways. Prem says we don t give up. Rajveer says i can give you everything back. You just have to face a challenge. If you fail you have to do as i ask you. I will be waiting for your decision. Maya overhears them.

Prem says to family i will fight, i will do whatever i can. I have nothing to give up. Simar says what if he is playing a game. Prem says i am already shatterd, this might help me. roli says he is really clever. Rajhinder says forget it like a nightmare. prem says if there was another way i would never have accpted the challenge. this is the new ray of hope at the end of the tunnel. Mata ji says God will always help you.He calls rajveer and says i wanna meet you.

Maya goes to amar and calendar about rajveer s trap. amar says they are my family. I can t let them be ruined like this. Maya says we have to get maani back. calendar says if we kidnap mausi ji, we can blackmail him. amar says no, he knows that we cant harm her. Mya says lets start follwoing him. We might find some clue. amar says good idea, we will follow him at every step.

Simar is praying. roli says prem takes all the blame on himself. but i know that rajveer is using him. don t worry this time we are not alone. Maya and amar are with us as well. God will help us.

Rajveer says to prem on call come to my villa i will meet you there. Amar and maya are already there. They see him talking. They see an old man coming downstairs in white clothes. he looks like a swami. Amar says he comes on tv, he has so many followers. Maya says he doesn t need a guru what is this swami doing here. The swami touches Rajveer s feet. maya and amar are dazed.

Precap-Roli says mausi ji its too much. I am not like simar didi she pardons people, I never do until i punish them.

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