Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raman calling out Ishita. She says she misses him so much that she is hearing his voice. She will change now and he smiles thinking she will come to cupboard. She sees the night dress on bed and he gets angry. He asks her to open the door and shouts on her. She screams. Everyone hear her and say why is she shouting. She says Raman, yes he is shouting same way, how did he come. He says he came one day before, can t he come. She says keys are in purse, its outside, I will bring. Mrs. Bhalla worries for Ishita. Amma says she is fine. Mrs. Bhalla asks what kind of mum she is.

They all come and ask Ishita. Ishita says Raman is locked in cupboard. Amma says why did he hide there. They ask did she knew. Amma says Raman told only her. Raman asks them to open the door fast. Ishita gets the keys and tries. He asks what happened. She says key is stuck. He asks what did she do. Romi says key broke. He says they will break them. Ishita says what to do. He asks her to call key maker. Romi goes. Ishita says relax. Raman says I want some water. Ruhi says I will get. Raman says I can drink if I come out. Simmi gets water. Ruhi says she has an idea.

Ishita says we are thinking how to make him drink. Ruhi passes a straw inside and holds the glass. He drinks the water. Ishita asks does he water juice too. The key maker comes and asks is there any thief inside. Raman says he will beat him and scolds him. The man tries to open the lock. Raman finally comes out. They all get glad seeing him. Ruhi asks why did he go in cupboard. Raman says I was mad to think to surprise Ishita, fire Neelu. Mrs. Bhalla says who will work for us then.

She asks him to come. Ruhi hugs him. Raman asks Ishita to give him some food. She says come. Ashok gets irked seeing Suraj s call. Suraj asks him to come in his new company launch party. Ashok says he snatched his money and enjoying, he will not come. Suraj says Raman bought his company and now Ashok is jobless, and asks him to come and pass time. Ashok says just shut up. Suraj asks him not to waste time after Shagun. Ashok gets angry. He says you felt your life will be full of happiness.

Raman talks to Simmi and asks her to move on in life with Subbu, and hugs her. Adi and Ruhi get his bag and ask what gift he got. Raman says I did not get anything. Ruhi says he is lying and opens the bag. They al;l get the gift and like it. Raman silently asks for I love you from Ishita. Music plays……….. She goes making an excuse. He calls Simmi and says his plan in his ears. Simmi asks Ishita to get water fast. Raman drinks it and signs her. Ruhi says I will be with Papa, he came after a lot.

Raman brings Ishita to the room and she asks how did he get inside the cupboard. He says I will show and makes her stand in the cupboard. Simmi locks them. Ishita says we are inside, why did you lock Simmi. Raman says she does not have any choice now and asks her to say it. She smiles and says I love you. He says he did not hear it, and she says again loudly I love you Raman. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays…………. Everyone stand outside and clap. He asks why did she get everyone. Simmi opens the door.

Adi says finally Papa and Ishita aunty s love story is completed. Its morning, Ishita works. Mr. Bhalla asks Simmi to learn to cook south Indian food from Ishita. Raman asks Neelu. Neelu says she did not do it intentionally. Raman says you did a big work. Ishita smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays……….. Mr. Bhalla tells Ishita that maybe Mrs. Bhalla went to buy something for Subbu. Ishita thinks maybe she is hiding something, she looked worried.

Mrs. Bhalla meets Amma in the compound and lies to her that she is going to parlor. She runs taking an auto and leaves. Amma asks why is she going to parlor in morning, there is some secret, I have to see. She also takes an auto and goes. Mrs. Bhalla meets Subbu s mum in café and says she does not trust her. She says Subbu and Simmi will get married, and I m worried for Simmi, you will not understand this, I know Simmi did mistake, but she can t taunt her all her life. Subbu s mum says why will I.

Mrs. Bhalla clears the matter and says she cares for Simmi s happiness, and she has seen how she has taunted Ishita and takes her class. She says she will not bear anything, like Simmi has a part, even Subbu has a past. Amma looks on sitting far and tries to hear. Subbu s mum says Subbu suffered a lot. Mrs. Bhalla says we should not bring our fights in between, as Simmi is not burden on me. Amma meets Mrs. Bhalla outside. Mrs. Bhalla asks why did she come to follow her. Amma says she is proud of her, she took good class, I m with you, don t worry.

Shagun comes to meet Parmeet in police custody. They have an argument. She asks him not to get after her, she has paid enough. He blackmails her and says he will tell Ishita about taking kids. She has used her as distraction and there should be some drama about Simmi and Subbu. She says I can t promise anything, I will see. She leaves.

Ishita reads Raman s happiness. She reads he wants to give her the happiness of the world, he knows Adi and Ruhi are her happiness, but he wants to give her their very own child. She can t believe it and smiles.

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