Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj asking Suhani to give the presentation for the auction and bidding. Suhani tells them about Dadi and Dada ji s love story and what all Dadi told them. She shows the cycle. Dadi looks on and cries. She asks them to bid the amount and starts from 1500 crores. Pratima cries. Yuvraaj gets teary eyed. Suhani starts counting the bidding. Pratima s tear falls on Yuvraaj s hand. He stops Suhani. Saurabh says Yuvraaj we are not doing right, we can t sell this company. Suhani smiles.

Yuvraaj says yes Dadi, we will not sell the company. Dadi gets glad. Suhani says but it will be our big loss. Yuvraaj says we will manage. Saurab says we will not let Dada ji s dream get ruined. They all join hands and say they will do anything to save the company. Pratima thanks Suhani for making this possible. Suhani says its just the start, when they go office, they will start running, but she will not let them go.

Lalita gives water to Soumya and asks about her interview. Soumya says it did not go well, I think I won t get the job, I will try again next time, sorry. Lalita beats Rakhi and asks did she break the fast, how did Soumya not get the job. Rakhi says I don t know and runs. Suhani writes in her laptop about Yuvraaj. She sees him looking at her laptop and starts acting. She says Yuvraaj is so lazy, I will he will be going office and then bringing some manager from there.

He says I m not lazy. She asks what is he doing here and is he reading it. He says I was not reading, you were saying so aloud. He asks her to talk in low tone, as others can get disturbed. She says fine, and turns to other side. He smiles and asks was she jealous with Leela, as she was writing in her diary. She says no way, I m not. He says so Suhani is jealous and laughs. She says I don t have any reason to be jealous. He teases her and she scolds him.

She starts leaving. He holds her hand and thanks her. Saware………..plays…………. She asks why. He says you told us the imp of company. She says whats the use, will you go office. He says yes, we will go. She says lets see. He asks is she challenging. She says yes. He says challenge accepted, see I will be ready before you. They shake hands. Rags and Menka look on.

Suhani wakes up at 3am. Pratima asks her to sleep, its not morning yet. Menka comes to their room and calls Rags. She says Suhani has slept. Rags sends her inside the room. Menka hides seeing Suhani turn to her side. She stops the alarm to stop Suhani from waking on time.

Its morning, Suhani waits for everyone and says they will not come. Pratima smiles seeing her sons and Sharad come on time. She does their aarti and tilak. Suhani gets surprised seeing them and smiles. Yuvraaj thanks Pratima. She says she is proud of her sons today, thanks, I used to wait for this day since years. Suhani asks about her tika. Yuvraaj says you are late. Suhani says someone shut the alarm, don t know how. He says ofcourse, people give excuses after losing.

Dadi comes and asks why is Suhani going to office, she is not related to our house and work, why is she getting in between this.

A lawyer talks to Saurabh and tells the court restriction orders. He says if they don t pay the loan, bank will recover money from this company.

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