Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Season 2 18th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Astha coming home and telling Indrajeet about the accident. She says she took the kid to hospital, its good Shlok was with me, else I would have not been able to take him. Shlok calls him and asks him to take care of his wife and let him praise me, she just knows me by now. Indrajeet asks him to shut up his nonsense. Astha thinks why is he annoyed. Shlok tells Sojal that his plan is working, all misunderstandings are cleared. Apsara comes looking for Sachin. Shlok says Sachin is fine, it was not some other kid. Apsara hugs Sachin and says his plan is working, Indrajeet got angry. Shlok says he will make him so frustrated that he says his truth himself.

Astha brings the milk for kids. She asks them to drink it and sleep. Shantanu and Mishti ask her to come to school tomorrow. She says fine and asks them to sleep. Shantanu and Mishti wait for Astha. A guy comes and says the lady is hurt, so she is waiting for them that way, come with me. Shantanu says we will not come. Shlok comes and scolds the man. He bonds with the kids and takes them to have icecream. Astha comes and asks Shlok is he mad, why is he meeting with her kids. She takes them and leaves. The kids tell about Shlok saving them and she realizes her mistake.

She thinks Shlok is not that bad, he is just somewhat rude. Shlok and Astha think about each other. Its morning, Indrajeet shows the arrangements being done. The kids come and greet them. He asks whose marriage arrangements is going on. Indrajeet says he is marrying their mum. Mishti says he married Barkha mum. He says he is marrying so that they can see. He sends Astha for getting coffee. He asks the kids not to say anything to Sapna, he is marrying Sapna and will make them their Barkha mum, who will always love them. Mishti says fine, we will not say her. Shantanu says we will love her a lot. Indrajeet says he has shopping list ready and the kids get happy.

Shlok tells Sojal that his heart says Astha will come to meet him for sure. Indrajeet asks Astha to meet designer and make an outfit, and he will match his outfit with her, and lies to her about their first marriage. He holds her hand and says he will fulfill all her wishes and he made a diamond necklace for her. She says I don t get happy by clothes and jewelry. He pacifies her and leaves.

Sojal says when Astha does not remember anything, why will she come, she does not have any reason to come. Shlok says she will come, I have to see my trust wins or Indrajeet s game. Astha gets a call from designer and says Indrajeet told me that you are designing the bridal dress, you are not coming, fine, I will come there. He calls out the kids and asks them did they do homework. Shantanu says yes. She says she will give them treat and asks them to come for having chaat and ice gola. They get glad.

She thinks this is the right chance to apologize to Shlok. Kalindi asks the lawyer to come and tells Ajju that she filed the case against Agnihotris. Ajju says what. Kalindi says if Astha does not return in 21 days, I will send them to jail. Ajju says they are not our enemies, they are still Astha s inlaws. Kalindi says we are not related to them. Kalindi says why should we care for them. Ajju says what will you prove in court, whats their crime. Kalindi says I don t know, but I will prove Astha is missing since 8 months because of them.

She says I don t have any other way. The lawyer asks her to check papers and sign. Shlok sees Sachin playing cricket and asks him to go and study. Sachin says sorry, once you make me meet Astha, please. Shlok says she will come, then they will take them all. Sachin smiles seeing Astha and says she has come. Shlok sees Astha.

She says sorry Shlok. Sojal and Chowksi look on and smile. Astha says you helped me and I misunderstood you, I m really sorry, you did not tell me anything. Shlok leaves. She says he is so rude, I can never understand him.

Astha smiles seeing the decorations at home and thanks indrajeet. Apsara hides and looks at them. Shlok calls Indrajeet and says he knows Astha s choice, no need to force your choice on her.

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