Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th May 2015 Written Episode

Kokila asks Ahem to stop being silent and speak out the truth. Gopi asks her not to. Kokila says she will tell truth and asks her to shut up and says she will tell what happened that day, but dumb Gopi gives her oath and says truth is she kiilled Radha and even went to jail. Kokila says she may be a murderer according to law, but in god s law she is innocent. Gopi dumbly asks her again not to speak anything. Kokila helpless stops. Tolu/molu leave back to their house. Gopi starts crying vigorously.

Mansi calls Kinjal and says today they were saved by Gopi, but may not escape again. Kinjal asks her not to worry. Mansi says it is proved now that Vidya will not accept Gopi now. Kinjal asks her to get Meera into good books and tells her plan.

Kokila in her room reminisces Vidya s words. Ahem comes and says he knows she is angry on him for keeping silent and says he does not want his children start loving Gopi again. Kokila sends him out and locks door saying she does not want to talk to anyone.

Rashi comes from school, sees Gopi crying vigorously and asks why is she crying as if she lost in exams. Gopi says she lost her life s exam. Rashi says hopes Gujrath s capital becomes Ahmedabad as she wrote some other city on exam papers. Gopi smiles.

Meera sees Mansi crying and asks what happened. Mansi says Gopi killed her own sister Radha for loving Ahem and she is afraid she may even kill her. Meera asks her not to worry and says she will ask Ahem to take them back to Mumbai. Mansi hugs her and gives her ugly smirk.

Kokila calls Hetal and informs that Vidya, Meera, Tolu, Molu insulted Gopi a lot and alleged her as murderer. Pari who is also present there asks if Tolu/molu also insulted Gopi. Kokila says yes. Hetal asks if Ahem spoke. Kokila says he did not and she is feeling as defeated for the first time. Hetal asks her not to feel sad. Kokila says Vidya and Meera told they are ashamed to be Gopi s children. Hetal asks her to calm down.

Tolu/molu reach home. Pari slaps them and asks how dare they are to insult Gopi and asks what do they know about her. Kokila asks what is happening. Hetal says Pari is slapping Tolu/molu and cuts call. Kokila thinks why did not she do it. Pari raises hand to slap Tolu/molu again, but Jigar stops them.

Gopi takes food for Kokila and asks her to open door, but she does not. Ahem comes and asks Gopi to go from there. Seh gives food and leaves. Ahem asks her to stop being childish and open door. Kokila asks when can be childish, why can t she. She asks him to tell truth to children. He says he will not and asks he should do other than that. She asks if he will do as she says. He says yes.

Precap: Kokila beats Ahem with stick. Gopi comes to rescue Ahem.

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