Sasuraal Simar Ka 18th May 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Pari and uma are cooking. pari says we should take out some breads and hide them somewhere for our families. simar overhears them.Pari comes and says simar what are you doing here? simar says i want oil to lit candle in temple. Pari says you can’t touch anything without permission of new owner of the house. uma says pari is right. You have to take permission from new owner. Mausi ji comes in and says wow i am flattered at your loyalty. Pari says ask mausi ji once. Simar says mausi ji.. anjali comes in and says mama i am really hungry i want milk. simar says wait here.

She gies to mausi ji and says mausi ji i want some oil for canlde, anjali and sanju are really hungry. can i take some milk from kitchen? i will do what you ask em to. mausi ji says no you don’t have to ask for her milk. but i can’t give oil and milk together. now you have to decide if you want oil for temple or milk for kids. Simar is dazed. Mausi ji says its better to take milk. They are you souls. Forget the temple. Mata rani is creating all these troubles for you. i will get her out from here simar says dont ever say that again. roli says mausi ji dont do so many sins thats you dont get a pardon at all from God. Mausi ji says oh i am really sorry simar and roli. Go simar take the oil forget the milk for kids. She says uma and pari if anjali and sanju get any milk or food then your kids will have to stay hungry. Roli says enough mausi ji. simar didj has a big heart she pardons people but i don’t until i punish them. we wont keep our kids hungry. And God lits our lives and i will lit the candle anyhow. If you stop me, i will treat you so badly that you maani son wont even be able to recognize you. And some years ago when you were creating problems in this huse you should remember what i and didi di to you.
mausi ji recalls how she was laughed at in the party. roli says i hope i don’t have repeat it again.

Rajveer says to baba ji your precious steps walking in my house, we are blessed. Maya and amar are dazed. Rajveer says whatever i have spent till now, its time to get it back. Till now i let you live here, i made the people follow you. The followers that trust you blindly and i will take advantage of it now. In this game you will be on scree and i will be off screen. I will do miralces with power of this maani and we will rule the world. this house will become your ashram. People will come in thousands to you with their problems. I will become the most powerful man on planet. they both laugh. baba says you have your hand on me i am blessed. I will have the ministry. Rajveer says this whole country will be in our feet. Baba says that maani in your body.
baba says how will i treat people without maani? Rajveer says soon i will get it out of my body. we have to decide what we do next. They go in the room. maya says i am glad he will take the maani out. We can have it now. maya says just when they kicj off their names we will start ours too. amar says but its not that easy. maya says i have a plan to make it easy. i will have this maani. The hear footsteps. Its prem. They both hide. Prem rings the doorbell. maya says its prem. He is here to accept challenge of rajveer?

Roli comes with milk for anjali and sanju. She takes out oil as well. sid comes and stands in her way. Mausi ji says you made fun of me i was alone back then. but i am not alone anymore. i see how you treat him that way. I know his reality and you two. Mausi ji says to sid take whatever she has from her. Roli says how you can do this sid. Sid says i dont understand these tears i only know what my master’s mom ordered. Roli says then whatever happens i wont step back.

Precap-Mausi ji says they wont forget to lit the candle. i give you once chance you have to sing and march in the neighborhood. Simar does it, all neighbours make fun of her.

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