Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 18th May 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Ronnie entering Ragini s birthday party and creating havoc. Neil asks him to get out. Ronnie says he will not as he has to clear old rift with him. Suhani says Ronnie has come to meet her and asks to go as it is Ragini s birthday today. Ronnie says he will not and says because of Neil and reads Rupali s diary in which Rupali accepts her love Neil. Neil says everyone knows he and Rupli were in love before marriage, but after marriage with Ragini, he had affair with anyone. Ronnie says he continued his affair with Rupali. Ragini asks him to stop his nonsense as she knows Neil is not wrong. Ronnie tells Neil went to US on a business trip and met Rupali and rekindled their affair there. He says he can prove that as Rupali got her paternity test done and shows its report. Ragini says she does not believe it. Ronnie says if she did her paternity test when she was pregnant. Ragini says no. He says she did not as she was sure how was her child s father, but Rupali was in a dilemma about her child s father. Neil says he does not feel necessary to explain anything.

Ragini walks out angrily. Neil stops her and says she is misunderstanding him. She says she was, but she is not. He insulted her in front of all her children. He says why is she believing Ronnie more than her. She says he was always wrong and ask rupali did paternity test as she was not sure if her child was Ronnie s or his. He says it cannot be. She says it is.

Ranbir fumes near his car that because of Ragini again, dad got her. He did not want to come, but came on Shilpa s insistence. Shilpa comes. He shouts at her, breaks their relationship and leaves in his car. Arav sees that and comes near Shilpa, but his friend calls him and says they have to clear Babu s debt tonight, else he will not spare us.

Ragini tells Neil that betrayed her again and in lieu of bringing her gift went to US to stay with Rupali. Neil sadly goes home. Suhani apologizes him. He says he does not have to. He reminisces proposing Ragini years ago and recent incidents and goes to bed. Ragini also does the same.

Precap: Ragini tells Neil he lied her. He says he never after marriage. She says she trust him and asks him to promise he will never hide anything from her.

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